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  • Nice Buck for NC

    Nice Buck for NC
    Right on.
    Nice buck about anywhere - outside the ears and high. Hope you tag him this year!
    'Nice'. Yeah, right.
    I say this with a smile on my face...

    What are you talking about? There are hunters on this forum who live in the Hyde/Tyrrell/Beaufort County area, where deer this size do not reside!


    That deer is awesome!
    Actually, I really doubt that buck is from NC.
    Actually really dont care what you believe. Why would I have a need to post a false report. Anyway central NC and have past pics of deer alot larger. Lots of time and money trying to help the health of my local herd for over 10 years so my daughters can enjoy many more years of great hunting. Actually kind of proud of that.....
    great buck
    I believe he could come from NC I've lived here my whole life and grew up hunting in Halifax and North Hampton counties. I have seen plenty of deer of this caliber. Hope you get him.
    Well.... I said 3 years ago when I got videos on my trail cam of a certain buck that when he gets killed he will put Davidson county on the map and guess what? He's on the home page if this very site right now lol killed almost 5 miles from all the videos I've gotten the last 3 years. 190 7/8 inches and I'm happy and sad at the same time. Sad he's gone and won't be on my camera anymore but happy he was took legally and by a great young man whom I've spoken with and congratulated so NC can grow some great deer but it's a group effort and we all know how that goes lol, I'm just glad Davidson county finally has a giant and I'm tickled he was apart if my life so to speak.