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  • PBC Cashion Fishing Rods Team Bass Trail Q#3 results..Kerr Lake..Aug. 9th

    CASHION FISHING RODS 'END OF YEAR' TEAM BASS TRAIL QUALIFIER #3 RESULTS Saturday August 9th, 2014 ~ Kerr Lake ~ Flemingtown Landing Wildlife Ramp

    The Cashion Fishing Rods 'End of Year' Team Tournament Bass Fishing Trail Qualifier #3 was one of the wettest in our history! It was raining when I arrived at check in (5am) and it didn't quit until the 26 teams came in at 2pm to weigh in!! Figures!! The predicted weather conditions did hurt the turnout and it also hurt the bite for most of the teams. Only 5 teams caught a limit but we did have one of the biggest bass caught at Kerr in several years brought in. Everyone came in soaked to the bone! Tough bunch! Air temps ranged from 69 in the am and around 75 in the afternoon. The winds were pretty much light to variable, maybe 8 mph at times. Water temps averaged 82 degrees. Most of the fish were caught in shallow water on Pop R's, Flukes, Carolina Rigs and Shakey Heads.

    Robert Perkins & Brandon Gray squeezed out 5 bass weighing a total of 15.21 lbs. taking 1st Place worth $832 and 1st TWT, bringing their total winnings to $1,217.

    The 2nd Place Team of Larry & Mark Inman arrived with 5 bass weighing 13.92 lbs. They also won the 2nd Place TWT & 2nd Place Big Fish to take home a total of $799. The 5th place team of Robert Bristow & Alan Thomerson only had 3 bass, but one weighed in at 7.05 pounds which is the largest we've seen at Kerr since the bass recovered from a gill disease a year or so ago. The big one helped them take home $551 in earnings! 1st place Team Member Brandon Gray won the Tow Boats US Member Award of $50.

    Only 46 bass were weighed in for a total of 107 pounds. This averaged 2.3 lbs. a fish and they were nice and healthy looking. We also had a 14 pound striper caught & released Saturday...Nice!

    I want to thank all the anglers that participated and all our sponsors that support these trails. Our next tournament will be the Cashion Fishing Rods 'End of Year' Team Tournament Bass Fishing Trail Qualifier #4, Saturday, August 23rd at Falls Lake out of Ledge Rock Wildlife Ramp.

    All the information on our tournaments can be found at

    Now here are the full results:

    1st Place: Robert Perkins & Brandon Gray of Rougemont & Bullock...5 bass...15.21 lbs...$832

    2nd Place: Larry & Mark Inman of Greensboro...5 bass...13.92 lbs...$478

    3rd Place: Joe Langley & Brian Fritts of Benson & Raleigh...5 bass...12.90 lbs...$333

    4th Place: Chad Emory & Jeremy Martin of Durham & Rougemont...5 bass...11.63 lbs...$250

    5th Place: Robert Bristow & Alan Thomerson of Franklinton...3 bass...10.30 lbs...$187

    1st Place Big Fish: 5th Place Team above...7.05 lbs...$364

    2nd Place Big Fish: 2nd Place Team above...4.05 lbs...$156

    1st Place TWT: 1st Place Team above: 15.21 lbs...$385

    2nd Place TWT: 2nd Place Team above: 13.92 lbs...$165

    Tow Boats US Award: Brandon Gray of Bullock: $50

    See ya'll soon and................

    Thanks for fishing with Piedmont Bass Classics!

    Contact Information: Phil McCarson...Tournament Director---922 Valetta Rd.---Durham, NC 27712

    Home: 919-471-1571 Cell: 919-971-5042