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  • 1st Turkey Spursuaded in 2014

    I shot my first turkey ever in 2012, in what was an incredible hunt, one that is documented somewhere on this forum. I didn't get to hunt much (or at all?) last turkey season, but have had a few chances this year.

    Got set up at 5am on some farm fields in Beaufort County. I had seen what I thought was one tom and a bunch of other birds from over a 1/2 mile away the morning before. Wasn't sure what I was dealing with. Since I only saw one strutting bird out there, I took the jake decoy the next morning, and set up along a ditch line in some small saplings. I sat down and realized my decoy was only 10 yards away, but I figured it'd be good. If the birds were around, they'd come from right to left, and never see me if they were looking at the decoy.

    I waited quietly, enjoying the sounds of the Chuck-wills Widows and other birds until about 545am, when the gobbler sounded off to my right. I waited till he gobbled again, and then I hit a few cuts on my SPURSUADER (Thanks GobblinTom!). He gobbled right back, and I knew it was 'game on'.
    I cut or purred only ever two or three gobbles of his to keep his interest up.

    Finally, they all flew down around 555 - 600 am. I could seem the birds milling around about 75-100 yds away at the end of the field. My view somewhat obscured by saplings and weeds. I could make out one strutting bird.

    I cut, yelped, and purred a little, but to no avail, at least for about 15 minutes. THen I saw one, non-strutting bird walking my way, and the strutter behind it, coming along. I then saw the long beard on the 1st bird, and realized I had at least 2 toms!

    Well, they started at a walk, which escalated into a full-out run. The one bird puffed up when he got to my decoy, the other did not. I was so excited having never seen this in person before, that I wasn't sure which bird I wanted. The non-strutter appeared to have the larger beard (duh, his wasn't half-hidden by the puffed-up feathers).
    That dominant bird circled around my decoy to face it, and then, in an instant, went all psycho on it, jumping on it viciously, raking it with its spurs. I figured the jig was up when it heard the loud clattering on a hard plastic decoy, but he did it again, with the other bird egging him on it seemed! I almost went for a double, and when i shot, I was worried had actually injured the other bird, but he flew off fine. I jumped up, saw my bird in a heap, and then I just layed back on the ground and looked up at the sky. Wow. what a hunt!

    Here are a few pics.
    A few more..
    ...having trouble adding photos...
    Be careful!
    Nice bird! Good story! Take your son turkey hunting. Looks old enough to enjoy it even if he doesn't pull the trigger.
    BUT, be careful of the shot! 2 birds on one day is illegal in NC.
    Thanks and GOD Bless
    Thanks Buddy, Got your Email but when trying to respond on new phone wasn't sure if it went or not but Thanks for the kind words!!! Sounds like a AWESOME hunt and for what it's worth lol ALWAYS shoot the puffy 1!!! It's been another Great Season...I was able to jugle in a few hunts myself between crazy hours at work but added some new Brass to my Mantle nonetheless...Thanks again and Good Luck!!!!! Get that Boy outside!!!! There's NO better place to be!!!!

    GREAT Pictures by the way!!!!!
    Jack - thanks for the warning! I had never considered a double, but had seen guys do it on youtube with a bow, so when these two guys were beating up my poor decoy, it crossed my mind. I'm glad I didn't do it!

    Note to self - read, re-read, and re-read the regulations booklet each year!

    GT - I did get your email. Those are some great birds!
    Great Job
    Great Job and nice photo. Congratulations.
    Awesome Story man with a fantastic ending!! Keep up the good work....I agree with the others lol, there is no better place for a young kid to be then the outdoors. MY oldest son is 5 and I am slowly introducing him into the hunting world...He loves to fish and doesn't mind keeping the fish but He has had a harder time with me shooting something with my bow or gun...He is getting there though...I took him on his first track job last year. It was a big doe I drilled at 20 yds with my bow, blood every where and I heard her drop about 25-30 yards away. I let him hold the flash light and He did so good and was ecstatic to find her so I think that helped a lot. I also showed him how we process the animal and turn it into food which helped as well...Anyway Congrats again!!