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    TAGGED OUT in NC with a Birthday Thunder Chicken.
    Had to work pretty hard for this bird. Set up in a winter wheat field after a close call at first light. Heard some gobbling not far. Left decoy in the field and realized that the birds might souble back on me. By the time I got back to the field, two strutters were all over my decoy. Was able to get to the edge of the field and worked both birds for over an hour. Finally got one to break away just a bit and hammered him.
    Sorry for the shotty pic. Was solo.
    Tagged out
    Congrats on tagging out bud and happy b-day. Sounds like a great way to spend your b-day.
    I went yesterday and this morning - ain't seen nor heard a bird. I'll find one eventually (I hope). Lol
    THX - - Yeah it was a good season. Now just have to find some folks to go with and try and film a few.