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  • 1st Thunder Chicken

    Huntman and I, both green horns to turkey hunting,tried to get Huntman a gobbler last year. We got close a couple times but it just didn't work out.
    We went this past Saturday (youth opener)w/ a good friend that was trying to help us get one called in for Hunter. We saw one but it was too far away and we couldn't persuade him to come check us out.
    The rest of the week has been full of baseball. We had a game yesterday and when we came home there was a hen and a Tom in full strut in the field in front of our house.
    We threw on the leafy suits, grabbed the 20ga and a call, and went into the woods. We tried to pull a big U-turn in the woods and slip up on them. When we got within about 80 yds we saw them cross the road so we slipped past them and went down a trail trying to cut them off and sneak in close again. It was getting near dark and we could see the Tom but at 60 yds he was too far away for Hunter's 20ga. We made a few soft yelps and watched him and a few minutes later he flew up and roost in a tree. At dark we slipped back out a quietly as we could.
    This morning we set up just a few minutes before light and the Tom was in a tree to our left about 80yds away. Set 2 decoys at the end of a trail to our right. A few minutes after first light the Tom gobbled and Huntman was excited.
    If he came our way I thought we stood a great chance but if he went the other way we might come up empty. About 5 minutes later the Tom gobbled again.
    Hunter was leaned up against a stump, had broom straw to the left infront of him but was open on the hard left, directly infront of him, and to his right (where the decoys were). I was tucked in some tree laps behind him and let out a couple soft yelps.
    We both saw the Tom on Hunter's hard left and for a second I thought he might pass us by a little too far out reach. But all the sudden you could tell he saw the decoys. He stopped, turned, and ran about half way to the decoys and fanned out just on the other side of the broom straw. Then he started running again to the decoys. When he cleared the broom straw and entered the opening Huntman let the 20ga bark and rolled Ol' Tom.
    It was about a 20yd shot w/ a Mossberg (full choke). The gobbler has a 10 inch beard and a 1 inch spur (only has the 1 spur - the other looks like it was broke off some time ago).
    Don't know which one of us is happier.
    Sorry for being long winded but it was exciting.
    First Thunderchicken
    Nice! Hunt with your kids and you will not have to hunt your kids!
    Heck Yeah!!
    That's a nice bird!! Way to go Huntman!! Sounds like you guys make a great team. I can only imagine the excitement you guys shared. And I bet both of you were already awake before the clock went off that morning knowing where that bird was. Congrats to both of you guys!!
    Way to go Brothers....see this turkey hunting isn't that hard. I remember when you two were just starting. Looks like you got it figured out now.

    Sorry I haven't been on the site much....still spinning from the loss of 'CREEK'
    1st Thunder Chicken
    I know this was his first but I know without a doubt many more will follow the same fate of this bird at the hands of Huntman!! It so awesome being able to see him grow up on this site over the last few years...This is what it is all about man...Way to keep him out of trouble and in God's playground...Congrats Huntman on a GREAT bird!!
    Thanx fellas!
    Jack, couldn't agree more.

    Tagone, man you got that right. I was so excited I couldn't hardly sleep and I really was up before the alarm ever had a chance to go off. We don't have a lot of birds around us so it was exciting to already know where one was.

    Viper, I'm not sure that we have it all figured out but when we already know where one is we do alright. Lol. We still have a hard time locating one blind but we keep trying. Lol

    DCB, I agree with you Huntman will probably drop several more. He'll probably end up showing me how it's done. Lol I really enjoy hunting w/ my little buddy (ain't so little anymore).
    Good Job Huntman
    Congrats on a nice bird buddy!!
    Thanx LH! Hoping to tag another. You had any luck?