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  • Boats Unlimited NC Team Tournament Bass Trail Results..Jordan Lake..Mar. 8th


    Saturday March 8, 2014 ~ Jordan Lake ~ Farrington Point Wildlife Ramp

    The Boats Unlimited NC Team Tournament Bass Trail Qualifier #2 almost got postponed but after looking at the road situation for Saturday morning we decided to go ahead with the plans! It was a hard decision to make with all the damage in the area, especially around Hillsborough. All 74 boats arrived ok and the tournament went on as planned. We had a beautiful day with light winds. It was about 31 degrees that morning and around 70 that afternoon. Water temps ranged from 41 to 50 depending on the area fished and water was muddy in certain areas after the storm Thursday and Friday. The lake rose about 2 feet while we were there which amazed even some of our long time anglers! The fishing was very tough but we did manage a few in the nets. Most were caught 5 to 10 feet off the banks and no rhyme or reason to which lure you used. Only 28 fish were weighed in for a total of 104 pounds. We had numerous fish over 5 lbs. and all the fish looked healthy.

    Todd Massey and Brandon Gray are on a winning streak! They only had two today for 12.15 lbs. but is was enough to take home 1st Place, 1st Place Big Fish (7.69 lbs.), 1st Place TWT, 1st Place Tow Boats US Bonus and 1st Place Boats Unlimited NC Bonus for a whopping total of $4,268 and Massey should get his Triton Boats Gold Bonus of $7,000 which will bring their winnings to $11,268!!

    Manny Lenau and Brandon Morrissey took 2nd with 3 bass weighing 11.53 lbs winning $800. 3rd Place went to Tony Fofi and Dave Murdock (9.38 lbs). They also won 2nd TWT and 2nd Place Big Fish (5.87 lbs.) for a total of $1,502.

    I want to thank all the anglers that participated and all our sponsors that support this trail. Our next tournaments will be the 2014 Piedmont Bass Classics Hyco Open, Saturday Mar.15th at Hyco Lake out of Hyco Park Ramp...The Boats Unlimited NC Team Tournament Bass Mini Trail make-up tournament will be at Shearon Harris, Sunday Mar. 16th, out of Cross Point Landing.

    All the information on our tournaments can be found at yahoo and bing search or our website:

    Now here are the full results:

    1st Place: Todd Massey & Brandon Gray of Chapel Hill & Bullock...2 bass...12.15 lbs...$1,305

    2nd Place: Manny Lenau & Brandon Morrissey of Vass & Ft. Bragg...3 bass...11.53 lbs...$800

    3rd Place: Tony Fofi & Dave Murdock of Spring Lake & Sanford...2 bass...9.38 lbs...$575

    4th Place: Larry Hipps & Patrick Arzonico of Cary & Raleigh...2 bass...8.01 lbs...$520

    5th Place: Rodney Hilber & Kenneth Penderman of Hillsborough & Durham...2 bass...7.26 lbs...$463

    6th Place: Corey Linton & Mark Peck of Pikeville...1 bass...5.52 lbs...$407

    7th Place: Jim Nichols & Jeremy Martin of Chapel Hill & Rougemont...1 bass...5.07 lbs...$351

    8th Place: Erik Ross & Les Walters of Fayetteville...2 bass...4.92 lbs...$295

    9th Place: Tim Goss & Jeff Vincent of Franklinton & Durham...1 bass...4.68 lbs...$239

    10th Place: Bubba Haywood & Steve Goodwin of Roxboro & Durham...1 bass...4.51 lbs...$239

    11th Place: Mike Salguero & Steve Foster of Durham...1 bass...3.83 lbs...$183

    12th Place: Jay Garrard & Mark Herndon of Durham & Bahama...1 bass...3.77 lbs...$183

    13th Place: Bryce McClenney & Michael Christie of Cary & Fuquay Varina...1 bass...3.29 lbs....$130

    14th Place: Phillip Johnson & Gene McCree of Durham...1 bass...3.14 lbs...$130

    15th Place: Billy West & Tracy Sykes of Wendell & New Hill...1 bass...2.94 lbs...$100

    1st Place Big Fish..1st Place Team above...7.69 lbs...$1,008

    2nd Place Big Fish..3rd Place Team above...5.87 lbs...$432

    1st Place TWT..1st Place Team above...12.15 lbs...$1,155

    2nd Place TWT..3rd Place Team above: 9.38 lbs...$495

    Boats Unlimited 1st Place Bonus: 1st Place Team Above...$750

    Boats Unlimited Skeeter Boat Owner Bonus: Todd Sumner of Southern Pines...$250

    Tow Boats US Award: Todd Massey of Chapel Hill: $50

    Contact Information: Phil McCarson...Tournament Director---922 Valetta Rd.---Durham, NC 27712

    Home: 919-471-1571 Cell: 919-971-5042 email: website: