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    The 2014-15 NCWRC Proposals H9 & H10 will allow Stand-Still Hunters statewide to take a Bear over Non-Processed Bait, as long as they are not eating it at the time of the shot. More importantly, H10 opens up the Bear season in all Piedmont Counties to take a bear anytime a bear season is open in the Eastern or Western county. The WRC does not want the bear population to expand into Piedmont counties. We have onlt TWO days to vote on these proposals.. Non-Hunters and Anti-Hunters, along with some bear hunters in the eastern and western counties do NOT want the average stand/still hunter to have an equal opportunity to harvest a bear in N.C. This may be our ONLY chance to get this law changed for some time! Go to today and vote FOR Proposals H9 & H10. The voting is running 3 to 1 against these proposals. AGAIN...IF YOU WANT TO HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO LEGALLY TAKE A BEAR SHOULD YOU SEE ONE WHILE DEER HUNTING ANYWHERE IN N.C. WHILE STAND OR STILL HUNTING, VOTE IN FAVOR OF THESE TWO PROPOSALS TODAY!
    Bear Proposals
    At least Ramon and I FINALLY agree on something!
    Have already voiced my APPROVAL of the bear proposals.