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  • Cormorant Season

    The state's first cormorant hunting season begins this Sunday, Feb 2nd on the Santee Cooper lakes. Participants must be permitted by the DNR, and that isn't as simple as buying a hunting license. Aside from having a valid hunting license, cormorant seekers must have attended one of the SCDNR's training sessions and possess the permit they were issued. This goes for anyone tagging along with folks hunting these birds, whether they are hunting, photographing, or just along for the ride.

    The training sessions focused on identifying the cormorant, which has a few virtual look-alikes that are federally-protected, and the proper disposal of the birds, as well as a number of other guidelines hunters must follow.

    The season lasts about a month, and was put in place to help scale down the overpopulation of the birds, which eat fish at an uncommon rate.

    Brian Cope
    SC Sportsman Field Reporter