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  • Sight Fishing for Reds in Charleston

    The red fish are schooling in the flats, and Capt. Jeremy Espiritu of Shallow Thoughts is catching these fish two hours before low tide in the intercoastal waters behind Goat Island and the Isle of Palms in Charleston.

    Capt. Jeremy is finding these schooling reds by sight fishing for them while cruising along oyster banks. Not only is he looking for tailing fish, but he is also looking for shrimp popping out of the water or clouds of mud that the reds have stirred up.

    After the school is spotted, Capt. Jeremy says that he throws the lure out in front of the school. After the lure hits bottom, then he gives the lure a slight twitch to get the fishes attention. Then be ready because when the fish hits, it will be a subtle bite.

    Capt. Jeremy says that he is having good luck throwing artificial baits like paddle tail grubs. His favorite bait is a Z-Man Paddle TailZ in smokey shad with a ¼ ounce flat head jig.

    When using live bait, Capt. Jeremy will use cut mullet with a three foot leader attached to a Cajun Thunder float with a small 1/16 ounce split shot just above a circle hook.

    So if a little cold weather does not bother you, and you are interested in doing a little sight fishing for reds in Charleston, contact Capt. Jeremy at or call him at 843-509-4751.

    South Carolina Sportsman Field Reporter
    Capt. Glenn “Teach” Corley