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  • A little chilly on the backside

    MASTER ANGLER Brian Cope says that it is a little chilly on the backside, and he doesn't mean the back side of the flat. He meant the BUM. Fishing in the chilly weather in a kayak can be a cold adventure. Many times kayak anglers drop the water from the paddle down the sleeves on the way to the spot and then have to sit in a puddle of chilly H20 until the adventure is over.

    This isn't enough of a barrier to keep him off the water. Brian Cope is seen here soaking a live shrimp on the bottom looking for hungry redfish.

    Catch em up Cope:)

    South Carolina Sportsman Field Representative
    Brian M. Carroll
    Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
    it's worth it
    The redfish don't mind the cold, so it is worth it to get out there and fish. It's going to be cold if I'm not fishing, so I might as well fish and get that tug we are all looking for!