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    This one has been a long time coming. I have only seen this deer on the hoof once and that was at about 7:35 A.M. today. I have, as many of you have seen before several pics of him on trail cam, and only one other time during the day. I got up with the alarm at zero dark thirty and had a rough time getting out of bed. I knew it was a windy day and that the deer should be hunkered down but i also knew the rut was right around the corner and that maybe, if I slept in, there would be a repeat of last time i decided to stay home and go to church with my family (see my last post) :). So I was sitting in my ground blind half asleep thinking that it had been light for 30 minutes and i had seen nothing and that i should just go home and catch up on some sleep when in from the left i see (he hardly made any sound) the nose and then the body of a heavy, mature deer. He was walking on eggshells and twitching with every step. He was not going to let me get away with any mistakes at only 20 yards even with the wind. I drew back when his head was behind a large pine tree and there was a gust of wind. When he stepped from behind the tree and his shoulder and chest was in view, i aimed for his heart and let fly from the Matthews 'ovation'. He jumped the string as i expected and the rage broadhead hit him in the center of his chest right behind the shoulder! He kicked high (isn't that the best) ran in a big circle of about 40 yards and wobbled and fell.
    Sorry to write such a long story, but i just had to share with everyone.
    Good luck out there and get ready for the rut!
    Way to go buddy. I figured you were going to get him eventually. You seemed to have his pattern down pretty good. Nice job!
    big 6's
    Congrats man that's a big ole 6 I love the drop tine. I killed a big 6 on September 14. Check him out. CONGRATS!!!!
    Now that's a big 6! I love bucks with unusual racks even more than i like a big rack. There's something about a unique buck that really rings my bell. Maybe it's just me....
    That was a great short story, congrats, and it wasn't that long. It's great to share the experience, it says a lot more than just a photo. The photo is just the end result, but there was a lot that happened....that lead up to that point. Great job!