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  • Help me age the BIG drop-tine 6

    Hi everyone. Haven't posted much this year so far, but i'm honing in on this big 6 point with a drop tine. How old do you guys think he is?
    Judging by his neck size where it meets his chest, i think he is a mature deer that just has bad genes or didn't get enough nutrition for good antler growth. Post your thoughts...
    Forgot to mention
    Note the big belly and swayed back...
    Also, in the second pic his bases look pretty big compared to his ear...
    my guess
    i say 3 1/2...the back is still higher then his front. He's just full and getting ready for the rut. you'll know when it's an old deer!
    Anyone else care to comment?
    Is that a consensus? 3 1/2 year old? Would you cull this deer? Think he'll grow more points for next year?
    I have seen a lot of deer. I would easily say this buck has bad genes, is probably going backwards, and is ready for the tailgate to protect the gene pool. I'd give him 5 1/2 years easy! Just my opinion.
    In either case...
    I think that if i see him in daylight hours he's gonna get a dirt nap. If he's a 5 1/2 year-old, then he's a trophy no matter what his horns look like and if he's a 3 1/2 year-old, then he's probably not getting much bigger and needs to be removed. Thanks and keep the comments coming.
    I think he is more in the 3.5 and a stretch at 4.5. A daytime pic would be a better judge. Definitely a gene issue. I would consider him a cull if you are managing for QDM. If not then he could grow into a very nice 6 or 7 in another year if you wanted him to walk. I say shoot him!!
    He needs eatin!!