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  • Navy guy seeking help/info

    I am currently active duty Navy and will be moving to Charleston on October 3rd. I am originally from Florida and love all waterfowl and migratory bird hunting. I have done a little research on the SCDNR website and it seems that most WMAs are done buy a lottery. I am completely new to this area and am seeking any advice, tips, info, help on how to get started. I am only going to be in SC for a year so I would like to get as much out of this hunting season as possible. Any help is much appreciated.


    Clinton Spencer

    You are in luck
    I am guessing you will be stationed at the Naval Weapons station? When you get there go to the outdoor rec and buy a combo hunting license($25 I think), you will have to have a SC hunting license($10) and your hunters Ed cert. I believe you will have to get the migratory bird permit and the fed duck stamp as well.

    I am a volunteer Game Warden on the Navy base, I am Air Force, and we can hunt the base. we have deer, duck, dove, turkey, squirrel and pig hunting on base. I do not duck hunt but there are plenty of people that do. there are a bunch of ponds on base that they hunt and there is a big river that runs through the base(Cooper River) and two big lakes within a hour drive. I think Teal season just opened a couple weeks ago.

    There is a Hunter Check Station in the Marington Plantation (on base) show up Sat or Sun morning I believe they leave the check station 2 hrs before Sunrise. or catch them when they come back at 0900-0930. Those guys can give you all the info you need.

    I hope that helps, if you have any other questions hit me up.

    One more thing
    To hunt on base you will have to register your shotgun, but being AD it is pretty quick.