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  • Guess they are finished growing?

    Been getting Videos on these bucks all summer at the Trophy Rock and a week ago I put out about 25lbs of corn so I got nervous when nothing but Raccoons and small Deer were on Card until number 107 when the 5 came strolling in like normal. I really like the looks of that 7 pointer but I can't say I'll take him until the moment comes and I see him while on stand...Anyway...I'll enjoy whatever Deer I decide to shoot regardless of size...Good Luck guys!!!!
    Looks like you have a few options.Hope they all stick around so you can view them all from the stand. Hope you have a great season.
    Good to see the crowd still hitting the rock.

    This year has been strange so far, I have hundreds of pics and vids of does, does, and more does. They hit my cameras everyday, at dawn, dusk, hell even midday 5 to 9 at a time. They even have a small cowhorn buck mixed in with them that I have watched get beat around by a few older does.

    My question is where are the bucks? Cameras have been up since mid July, and I have yet to have a pic of any bucks besides the cowhorn. I am assuming the bachelor group is somewhere else and has kept to themselves, the exception being the young cowhorn. There are two shooter 8s that I have pics of from last year, including a few from late season so I know they made it at least that far.

    Just hoping for some more motivation for this Saturday, other than the annual doe clearing operation.
    Yeah, Last year all I had was scrubs that I seen from stand and I passed on them all and this year the Bucks in the video have been here all year and after a conversation that J carter and myself had...I'm thinking that these bucks are the ones from last year...If so...They jumped alot!! As for Does...I haven't got many Does at all on any of my Cameras until a few weeks ago...I just hope some of these Bucks make it but that's unlikely with the people around me...I will say that size doesn't matter when my daughter is with me..If she wants to shoot whatever...I don't care!!
    Really nice bachelor groups man!! Now if they will all stick around and hide from your nieghbors you might be alright......
    Great Video
    I enjoyed watching that.