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  • Video Camera Arm

    Well folks, I bought a new Video camera this past year and have searched the web for a reasonably priced camera tree arm. about 'sky's the limit', so are the prices. For an arm that is actually usable with a climber stand or any tree stand for that matter where the tree is to your back, you would have to spend in up-wards of $300.00.

    I found this Gorilla Camera Arm online through Wal-mart for $32.00 and modified it with about 20 dollars of materials I found at Lowes Home Improvements. All it took was 2ea 3/4 x 3/4 pieces of aluminum tubing cut 14 inches and 16 inches long. 2ea 1/4 x 20 x 2 inch carriage bolts, 2 ea wing nuts, 2ea nylon bushings 1/2 diameter with a 1/4 inch hole through them, 4ea fender washers 1 inch x 1/4 hole. The hole pattern detail an sizes are a little more complicated but using the Gorilla arm you can figure out what you need to do.

    The finished product as you can see in the pictures will adjust out to 30 inches in-front of you and folds down to 20' x 7' x 3'. It can be even more compact if you take the camera head mount off which is very easy to do. If you have one stand you hunt all the time, you can leave the arm on the tree and just remove the camera.

    Sure beats paying $300.00 plus! Just thought I would share with you folks.

    Looks good Viper. Hope you're able to film some nice takedowns.
    I bought another Handi-cam after busting my other one in Turkey season. I have a mount that uses a velcro strap and can mount to the rail of your stand (some folks use them on the handle bars of their bike). Not sure how that's gonna work out yet but it's small, light weight, and was cheap.
    Good Luck to ya!
    Check out Muddy also. They have some of the best and there Rock solid. I picked 3 of the arms up for $100.
    I looked at the Muddy camera arms and they are rock solid but to get one with this length is like 269.00
    Where to get the aluminum tubing?
    Hey. Where can you get the aluminum tubing?

    I've seen some metal 'cages' that contain plastic 500 gallon containers around the family farm. I wonder if the tubing of those could be used. I think their dimensions might be a little thin, though.
    I bought my aluminum tubing at Lowes. I think with the tubing and bushings and all I spent like $22.00. I didn't need as much tubing as I bought. Off the top of my head you need a 16 inch piece and a 14 inch piece. It's important to buy the same sized tubing as the Gorilla arm because you will insert the new tubing onto the Gorilla tubing at both ends for it to work out.

    I have to add that this thing has worked out great in many situations from ladder stand, loc-on and climber. Filming is the hard part doing it solo. You know how the deer just pop out with no notice! It's hard enough just getting the bow in hand and standing up. Definitely a challenge. But when you're just filming it's a piece of cake.

    6 In the freezer and only one on! The last one came out at 12 yards on my was on the right. She gave me the stare down for 5 minutes then walked out in front of me at 22 yards as another one came through the same hole at 12 yards. Eventually the second one busted me and tucked back in as the first one doubled back down thew same trail. I stopped her with the, 'maaaah' and got a shot off through the shoulders at 18 yards.

    Learning all the time. I guess that's what keeps it real!