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  • Trophy managed club/lease wanted

    I'm going to be moving to the hickory NC are before the start of deer season, relocating from metro Atlanta. I'm looking for a trophy club within an hour or so from hickory. The more strictly managed the better. Prefer archery only but open to gun clubs.

    If he body can offer anymore advice or areas I should be looking towards please advise. I'll be brand new to the area but have hunted Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois throughout my life and will still hunt these areas however I would like to have something semi local to bow hunt on.

    Thanks in advance.
    Hunt club
    Welcome to Nc. I lived up that way (Burke county) for my whole life up until last year. You will be hard pressed to find a ' trophy' club up that way that is anything like what you are looking for. To most clubs in the area a 100 inch 8 or 10 point is a trophy. While most others run by a brown its down mentality. You might get lucky and find something but the best option is to put some rubber on the road and find individual landowners that are willing to let you hunt their place. Might take a few years to grow some stock but at least then you'd have somewhere to yourself. Hope this helps in some way