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  • Blueing

    Just wanted to see if any of you have ever tried to re-blue a gun.
    My father-in-law left a 12ga Ithaca DeerSlayer outside, leaning against a barn post for a few weeks (he forgot about it). Needless to say it was in real rough shape so I decided to see if I could refinish it. I watched some youtube videos and bought a Birchwood Casey reblueing kit. I disassembled the gun, stripped the remaining blue, and sanded off all of the rust until I was down to shiny metal. I used the degreaser/cleaner and then started blueing the parts. The barrell turned out pretty good but the receiver only seems to be half way taking the blueing (kinda splotchy). The trigger and trigger guard are also doing the same thing. As far as I know they are the same metal - all of these pieces were blued previously.
    Any experiences and/or advice would be appreciated.
    The Blues
    I recently did a 1100 and had the same issues as your having...barrel did fine and receiver didn't want to take..What I did was instead of rinsing after each application like the instructions state, I simply kissed it with fine steel wool wiped dry and Clean and did the Liquid blueing process again..It worked great for me but there was a few places that showed lighter shades but Birchwood also makes a Blueing Paste so I got some and did these areas until it all matched...Turned out looking like a New Gun and it was 40 years old...Good Luck
    Thanx for the input Joey.
    Did you apply the paste onto the blueing you had got with the liquid or did you restrip it? I was looking @ the 'Super Blue' but it says that it may affect existing blue. To me that would say strip it again but then the bottle also says it is for 'touch ups'.
    Hope I can get this Featherlight back together and lookin' decent he doesn't know that I've tore it apart but heck it can't look no worse than it did. lol
    Don't blame ya...Those are Nice Guns and yes I stripped the Gun to metal and re-did complete gun...I used the Paste to touch up light spots in the final Process. Be patient...I have did a few and it is a pain>
    I have done 3 or 4 guns with the same kit. The 1st had splotchy effect on barrel and I learned that you can't let the blue run. It has to go on evenly, all at once, as quickly as possible. I am not familiar with the paste that GT mentioned but would like to see it. I had the same issue with receiver that you had and it was more difficult. Not sure why. I used steel wool after the 1st splotchy coat and went over it again and luckily it turned out ok. Can't say it will always work. I may have gotten lucky. Good Luck! It is fun and cheaper to do yourself.
    I ordered some of the paste and a bottle of the 'Super Blue'. For future reference I'm gonna try them both - I'll let y'all know how it turns out.