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  • Bushnell Trophy Cam Trail Cameras for $69.99 NEW

    In case anyone is looking for some Trail cams Natchez Shooting Supplies is blowing out some demo Bushnell Trophy cams. They are the NEW 8mp for 79.99 or 69.99 if you buy more than one. These were regularly something like $230 and are Show Demos that are NEW with Full 2 year Warranty. I have one of the first 5mp models of these cams and it still works great 5 years later and is still getting almost a year on 8 AA Tractor Supply batteries. Can't beat these for this price in my opinion.....Now I know some people swear by other Brands and hate these Blah Blah Blah but I was just giving a heads-Up to you guys that do like them...I mean in my opinion...You can pay 5 times as much for a Camera and you are still gonna get the same thing and thats a Freaking Picture of a critter and these work for me.
    Thanks for the heads up man,i love mine and that is a great deal.
    trail cam
    Thanks dude!
    Gander Mtn $179.99 Natchez (2) $69.95 ea

    couldn't pass that one
    No problem
    You Guys are Welcome...I had heard that these are the Models with the viewing Screen as well but Don't qoute me on that...It's about Useless anyway with eyesight like mine lol. I use Tractor Supply batteries in all my Trophy Cams and get Great service!!! $9.99 for 24 and at Christmas they run sales on them like $5 and $7 for 24....Just think...My First 5mp Bushnell Trophy cam Cost me $250 LOL
    Can't go wrong with cams of that caliber @ that price.
    If there is a Costco near ya, they sell a 40 pack of Duracell for $14.79 and every once in a while they have a $4 instant rebate. Pretty good deal.
    bushnell cam
    2 in the woods 1 week and workn great..what a deal. see below
    Mine is Doing great also!!! Hard to believe that I have 2 matching Cameras and 1 Cost me $240 and the other was $69 lol