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  • Ever tried public land hunting in Ohio?

    A few friends of mine have twice gone up to Ohio during bow season to try their hand at dropping a huge buck. They've fallen short of their goals both times, frustrated by the sheer size of the public land (Wayne Nat'l Forest), and the lack of confidence on being on public land vs. accidentally being on private. They ran into at least one crazy man (crazy-looking, crazy-acting) who threatened to shoot them b/c they were on his land (in fact they WERE on public land), but it was not a fun moment for them nonetheless).

    Anyway, as crazy as it sounds, I might like to try it, given the right group of guys to go with!

    Have any of you tried? what's your story?

    feel free to comment if you've tried any public land, non-resident hunts in other states.
    Good luck
    Hawkman...To keep me from typing it all again...Look back in the forums where huntinbucks was considering a West Virginia hunt...I see Ohio being no different as I have some friends that live there also but good Luck.
    Thanks GT
    Thanks GT. I also apologize. My ADD sometimes gets a hold of me, causing me to ask the same questions I asked the previous season. I've asked this questions on another forum, and feared I may have done so here already. I will hunt up the post you describe. Thanks again.
    Oooooohhhh... that doesn't sound to pleasant. You're right. There's some great public land here with some great bucks to be had...and we're residents!