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  • Summertime Fishing in Full Swing on Lake Hartwell

    If you want to catch bass on Lake Hartwell, then you better skip breakfast and start early because the fish have moved into their summertime pattern.

    Starting at sunup, the bass can be found holding on the shoals and off secondary points. These fish are hitting chrome Zara Spooks, white flukes, and silver/white buzz and spinnerbaits.

    After ten o’clock the fishing starts getting a little tougher, but the spotted bass can be found in twenty feet of water and suspend over brush piles located off points and shoals.

    One way to catch these suspended fish is to throw deep running crankbaits. Make long casts with shad colored crankbaits and work the tops of the brush piles.

    Another way to catch these suspended fish is to drop a shaky head jig with a green or green pumpkin worm over the brush piles. Watch your depth finder very carefully, and you can see the spots following the lure down.

    With the water temp in the high 70s, summertime fishing is in full swing on Lake Hartwell.

    South Carolina Sportsman Field Reporter
    Capt. Glenn “Teach” Corley