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  • Becoming a Bowhunter Program

    NCBA's Becoming a Bowhunter' Program begins!

    NCBA's BABINC program has begun! The goals and objectives of the program have not changed. But, the process of accomplishing these goals have changed considerably! Here is how it works:

    Potential students must now complete a Pre-Registration Form (found on our webpage)and send it to the Chairman. They are sent, via email, an introductory package of information. BABINC Regional Coordinators are sent the same information along with a copy of the students Pre-Registration Form. The Region Coordinator (RC) will then assign the student to a Mentor.

    Students are required to take the 'Basic Hunter Safety Course' before beginning the BABINC Level #1 Course. After completion of the Level #1 course, they must complete the 'IBEP' course before beginning the Level #2 Course. We provide a course 'Outline and Record Form' to keep up with the progress of the student in all three Levels of the BABINC Program.

    Level #3 completes the course when the student takes a big game bowhunt for whitetail deer, monitored by a NCBA Guide/Mentor or a licensed commercial guide.

    Right now, we need many more volunteer Mentors to be prepared to handle the students that will be applying for the program once we begin advertising it to the general public.

    Mentors do NOT need to be certified instructors, just experienced bowhunters who are willing to work with others to help them 'learn the basics' of bowhunting.

    We are looking for people who must be a NCBA member, (to be covered by our liability insurance,) who are willing to work with our students; adults and youths, male and female, who want to learn to bowhunt.

    We want to 'fill the gap, one step at a time,' to help people learn to hunt with a bow and arrow. We want to provide help to those who want to learn to hunt and do not have a friend or family member to mentor them.

    We feel that working '1 on 1' with students is the way to go with this program. It will be a very rewarding and FUN experience for the student and the mentor alike to bring the joy and feeling of accomplishment to others who may never have the chance to learn any other way.

    If you are interested in serving as a BABINC Mentor, (or a certified BABINC Instructor), email me at, or call me at 336-643-4455 (Home); or 567-703-NCBA (6222) (Cell) for more information about becoming a part of the NCBA-BABINC Volunteer team.
    Ramon Bell, BABiNC Chairman