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  • SC Division of the ABA Couples on Lake Murray May 18

    Kevin and Donna Fulmer of Prosperity won the SC Division of the American Bass Anglers Couples Tournament on Lake Murray May 18.

    The winning couple had 21.7 pounds that they caught on pearl flukes and swimbaits.The team also won the lady’s and men’s big fish with Donna’s fish weighing 6.1 pounds and Kevin’s weighing 4.9 pounds.

    Martha and Don Goodfellow of Simpsonville were 2nd with 12.7 pounds. Their fish, including Martha’s 5.1 pound bass, were caught on a “Backyard Bait” crankbait fished off shallow, tapered points.

    Ana Terry and Brad Rutherford of Lavonia, GA, were 3rd with 11.5 pounds that were caught on flukes and swimbaits early and later with whacky worms.

    The next ABA Couples Divisional Tournament will be on Clarks Hill Lake on June 8.

    South Carolina Sportsman Field Reporter
    Capt. Glenn “Teach” Corley