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  • My Daughter Got her Hand-Made Contest Quilt from Diane00

    My Daughter Dacota was very excited when I told her that she had a package at the house...'Is it my hand-made quilt??' She asked when I picked her up from School..I said..maybe? Diane00 did another wonderful Job on this beautiful Handmade Quilt..Dacota LOVES it!!! I did as well!!...Diane also included a Turkey picture frame AND Fan Plaque that she made as well and that's it (The Plaque) with My Daughters Youth Day Gobbler fan in it in the Picture. Dacota pointed out a few things I didn't notice..1 is the Picture on Plaque is a Double bearded Gobbler (Like Diane killed she said lol) and the other was the hand-sewn Turkey tracks on the quilt. Thanks Diane and I can't believe that I didn't post her Gobbler until around 3 pm and it was the First Youth Bird posted and won the quilt lol Anyway Dacota said Thank you very very very very much!!!! I Thank You again myself!!!
    Very Welcome
    I am soooo happy she likes it. She done a great job killing her first turkey,now she has a special momentum to remember it....not that she will need one.I'm sure she will never forget killing her first turkey with her Dad. I didn't even notice the double beard on the turkey that was on the plaque,good eye Dacota. I liked the pic because it had a gobbler flying off and it brought to mind an experience that once happened to me,lol. I hope to see her post a turkey or two next year too.Good luck on all your future hunts Dacota,and to you too GT.

    ps. I can't wait til the day she gets a chance to double up with her Dad.
    Thanks again 'D'...I didn't notice the double beard either, Could be because I've seen my share fly off like that myself LMBO!!! She liked how the Fan would Sit or Hang also...As for her getting another Gobbler, She said she wanted her own Gun without a scope after mine hit her in the eye-brow lol I think I'm going without a scope next year anyway...I know your ready to start fishing but this weather is crazy huh? Hope it don't hurt the Turkey Hatch.
    Yeah I'm hitting the lake as soon as possible.I used to think i got stressed out sometimes fishing getting hung up and all,but that's nothing like the stress of them gobblers getting hung up,lol. I'm beginning to see just how relaxing fishings gonna be.
    On the subject of scopes,I don't like a scope myself.I feel like I can see better without one. Do what it takes to keep her from being afraid of going after another one.
    Great Job Dacota
    Congrats again on harvesting your first turkey! The quilt looks awesome! Your Dad is raising ya right there little lady!!