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  • It's a jake.

    Yasterday afternoon, a freind ( who has been hunting longer than I have been alive) stopped by the house for other reasons, but we ended up talking about my turkey.

    He looked at it, messed with it and determined it was indeed a jake>

    Said the hair/ feathers on the neck was one indicator. It didn't go high enough to the crown like a hens would.

    He pointed out where spurs were about to develop - but I'll be damned if I could see what he was talking about. Snood was small, but there none the less.

    He also told me that the side feathers on the fan were actually a bit shorter than the middle or top fan feathers. Said a Hens fan feathers would be even in length.

    Of course, he also said that if there are rules in nature, then there are also rule breakers too.

    He said he has seen hens gobble like a tom, fan and strut like a tom too. Said there heads must have gotten turned around backwards while still in the shell. :)

    Mwe...I don't care.

    I didn't set out to shoot a hen or a jeke, Wasn't my plan, and not once did I settle for something less.

    I I know a few of you hinted about having patience. Trust me...I have plenty of it. I spent 5 years mentoring youth in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.
    I have spent many, many days and nights spear fishing and gigging fish. That takes not only patience, but also takes determination and the ability to sit motionless for a long time.

    My point being, I didn't just see a bird and decide to shoot it. I was watching a field, saw what went into and what went out of it during that time. The bird I was pursueing was in fact gobbling and strutting. I stalked that bird and shot it while it was strutting with tail fanned out.

    Be it a bearded hen with lesbian tendacies :) or a jake, it was strutting with it's tail fanned out.

    It was a legit kill legally and ethically.

    I do not purposely kill young animals. I'd rather miss 100 turkeys than kill one that is still young. I also do not kill anything for bragging rights or as a trophy. If I ( or somebody I know) isn't going to eat will not die by my hands.