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  • Finally got one this year, now...

    How do you preserve the fan and wings suitable to put on a plaque?

    Can you also share some of the various ways you guys have done this?

    Congrats on your bird buddy. No pics?
    I'm far from any kinda expert but you can go to these 2 youtube links:
    That's what I used to get an idea of how to do the fan. Diane00 did a beautiful mount on hers that included the wings but I don't know how you do that one.
    Good luck!
    Still working on those
    I had a problem with getting the SD card to upload to my computer. May try and get one up tonight after I take my daughter out to try and get a bird.

    Thanks for the links
    another 1
    Here's another link from NWTF that gives good detail:
    Hope you get your pic loaded.
    Congrats man!! Definitely want to preserve those trophies!!
    NWTF ,in my opinion,has a great link that is easy to understand.I watched a few videos on youtube to get some different ideas and to find the simpliest way of doing it. I also googled pics of what I was looking for to see which way I liked best. Can't go wrong with youtube,its easier for me to watch someone doing something I want to learn than it is having them try to tell me. Doing the tail fan is really simply,if I could trust my 6 year old grandaughter with a sharp knife I think she could do it,lol.Good luck and post us a pic of how it turns out.You always can take more pride in something you do yourself :)