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  • New DOE Policy - An Error - Read Explanation

    BREAKING NEWS: I will have to apologize and “eat crow” about the D.O.E. article I posted on the website late last Thursday night. The day after I posted the article, I received an e-mail from a Mr. Mark S. Morgan, Regulatory Counsel for the Petroleum Marketers Association of America regarding this article. He points that the D.O.E. mandate is in fact correct, BUT, it applies only to the Phillipines! I had to carefully re-read the article again before it was clear to me. Here’s what Mr. Morgan said in his e-mail:

    “Yes. The reason it sounds so much like the United States is that the Philippines adopted our Constitution verbatim and has the same government institutions as we do – many with the same name. The US Department of Energy does not have the authority to make such changes. Instead, that authority belongs to the U.S. EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality, and they have no such plans. Believe me, if the EPA was attempting to do away with straight gasoline and lower octanes I would have hear about it and be working against it. As would the other petroleum interests here in D.C.”

    SO, I’ll “eat my crow” and again apologize for the error! I’ll remove the article from the website! The Phillipines was granted to the U.S. by Spain for $20 million as part of the “1935 Treaty of Paris”. The U.S. granted the Phillipines “Commonwealth” status in 1935. That’s why they adopted the U.S. Constitution as Mr. Morgan indicates.


    We’ve been fortunate to have a reasonable supply of ethanol FREE gasoline in many southern States. However, there is a new Department of Energy Policy that claims to be implemented effective on July 1, 2013 that threatens that.

    I will post an article on my website on Thursday, May 9, 2013 that explains DOE’s new policy. We need your help in contacting your U.S. Congressmen and Senators to URGE them to get involved and block this new DOE policy. Please read my website on Thursday and call or e-mail your States officials in Washington – I’ll post the links on how to contact your Congressman and Senator on the website post: