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  • Good day

    Hope everyone had a fun and safe Opening Day! Went out on gameland This am woke up late but got set-up before sunrise (no one else was there) Around 7:00am i heard a tom gobble down in a creek bottom (i was on top of a ridge) Called to him a couple of time and he answered back, but i never did see him, i wasnt set-up in the right Place. So around 945am ran home for a few minutes then i was back in the woods at 12:45pm. no action until around 230pm an owl hooted and shocked a call from two gobblers down in the same creek bottom, but i never saw them neahter. called it a day around 4:30pm ran out of water and could'nt keep my eyes openend lol. i will try again soon. i call that a good day, the only bad Part of the day was the Chinese Place was closed for some reason so lunch was mcdonalds, other then That i call today succesful, i was happy to just hear some toms!!
    good day
    sounds like a good hunt. its not allways about getin 1. i love bein out there and listenin 2 them thunder away... good luk the rest of the season
    same here
    I was also in the woods before daylight.Heard one gobblin at the break of dawn,then someone came in after me and started calling with an owl call and the bird went on over the mountain.I saw the guys footprints as I was walking out and I think all he done was come in and use his owl call and walked back out,lol. Oh well,at least I got to hear one. I'll be back another day.
    Glad to know I ain't the only one. lol
    Huntman and I were out the whole day - saw nothing. Things got interesting when we heard a gobble at 5pm. He gobbled 3 times, couldn't have been more than 80 yds away but we never got to see him. Tried to do some light clucks and purrs but I guess he didn't care for the calling or maybe he had his own agenda. At least we heard one, that's the first time either one of has heard one in the woods. Seems like a lot of folks hunt fields but all we have are woods so that's where we set up.
    Hopefully we'll eventually get to see one come in. Good luck everybody!
    Still Fun
    @Dianne, Well At Least You Have a Place to Hunt, Im Sure You'll Do Well!! Youve Got the Drive to Be Successful!! Good Luck!! I Always like when hunters come in, but leave right Away lol. im Just an amatur Turkey Hunter so when i find Birds, im Happy lol. @Justintime, Glad You And Huntman Got to Go Again, it's Still Early So Keep Trying And Maybe things Will Look Up For Ya'll. Goodluck! On A Funny Side Note: Warning Black Snakes Climb Trees lol saw one yesterday Hanging From a limb!!