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  • Unsupervised hunter minimum age ?

    Okay, have a question for yah. I cannot find the answer anywhere online at NC WRC website> Can't find it in the hunting rules and regs book either.

    So here goes:

    At what ( legal) age can a person be left without adult supervision to hunt?

    In this case, can a 15 year old who has taken the hunter safety course ( about 3 years ago) be dropped off to go hunting in the woods , and not supervised by an adult or guardian?

    I will need a link or source to your answer, not just a 'trust me' answer.

    Trying to make sure that a friend isn't doing something wrong or illegal.

    No, it would be with blantant disregard to the rules or lack of caring - just not aware of rules.

    Matter of fact, 99% of the time, that particular youth would be with me or his uncle when hunting.

    The youth is just as safe with guns as any other adult I have ever seen, and is pretty knowledgeable about hunting rules, ethics, etc...

    It just happened to come up in a conversation today and I want to point it out to the parent if it is indeed illgal to do.

    Again, if this in fact illegal, I need a source so that I can copy or print it out and give to the boy and his parents.

    Thanks, Mark
    Well...TRUST ME lol.....It's 16 years old...Don't have a source but that's the Legal age and has been as far as I have ever known.
    That makes total sense
    Since that - up til age 16, you do not have to have a license to hunt, just the safety class - and can hunt under somebody else's license.

    I just can't find it in writting anywhere.
    As GT stated 16 years old and that is carved in stone and has always been the guideline in NC for all of my 49 years here.
    Found it- not what you think!
    2012-2013 NC Regulations Digest

    Page 4, Right hand column

    Under 'Hunting'

    'Youth under age 16 are exempt from the requirement of a hunting license provided they comply with the following: Youthwho have not obtained a Certificate of Competancy showing their completion of the hunter safety course must be accompanied by a properly licensed adult when hunting.Youth who have obtained this certificate, may hunt without being accompanied by an adult, but must carry their certificate while hunting.'

    So, this boy I know is in fact hunting legit. Again, it probably only happens 1% of the time anyways, am I am not saying thay a youth under 16 shouldn'r be accompanied by an adult.

    I'm just making sure it is legal by NC standards.
    Youth Hunters
    You would be correct. Any youth that has passed hunter safety course can hunt alone as long as they have there big game tags on them. You are not required to have hunter safety until the age of 16. If you are under 16 you have to be with a properly licensed adult with valid tags. When they kill an animal the adult has to use one of there tags. I learned that when I took hunter safety class with my daughter when she was 12 even though I was grandfathered in. Also learned that if you go to other states to hunt thart require hunter safety you must have hunter safety course to hunt regardless of how long you have had a hunting license in your home state.
    Scoutfish...SplitDesicion explains it the way it has always been to my knowledge...The other stuff you speak of is basic License knowledge but you stated that your NEW to any type of hunting so I can understand how you would be this Green to the norm but yes...At 16 years old OR before...You must complete a hunter Safety course to be a legal licensed adult...That's what I was trying to say so Sorry if I confused you...Good Luck
    He had the safety class, but an aqaintance told me that you could not be left unaccompanied if you were under 16 - safety class or not.

    And honestly, where he hunts at, the chances of running across a WRC officer are slim to zilch...but that's not the way I work. Has to be legit even if there was no way you'd ever caught.