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  • Choke Pattern

    Well I went out to pattern my Remington 870 Express with a Carlson Extended Turkey Choke in it.
    I was shooting Winchester Supreme High Velocity Turkey Loads 3 inch, 1 3/4 oz. @ 1300 fps.

    Yes I got my nose busted Diane00. I don't know what it is with this gun but everytime I pull that trigger, bam right in the nose. Must be that choke. At least I'm not shy to it anymore.....I know it's gonna happen and I just get used to it.

    I posted the side by side pictures of 30 yards and 40 yards with #4 or #5. I like the #4's because of the larger BB size. The pattern isn't the tightest but any load or yardage it's landing pellets. I guess I'll have room for error.

    Pellet Count Landed:
    #4@30= 46 #5@30=49

    #4@40= 28 #5@40= 24
    It only takes 1 to break his neck but he would have to be a cowboy Gobbler walking away for me to take that 40 yard shot...Have you tried different chokes? Is that for sure a turkey Choke?? I know you like the 4s but 6s have more pellets and like I said..It only takes 1
    lol @ Viper. It must be the choke because mine has never busted my nose.Could be because after I heard what yours does to you I have a death grip on mine. I was aiming at an angle on the second turkey I shot last year though with the gun resting on my knee and it did leave my shoulder black and blue for a couple weeks,lol. I didn't feel a thing though,and it was totally worth it.Looks like you are putting the work into getting it right.Good Luck
    Viper I would for sure buy a $20 Primos Tight Wad and try it...If not better then just return it but I'm thinking it has to be tighter than that....I love mine!!!