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  • owls

    I havent had turkeys roost on a hill behind the house as normally. I have had alot of owls hanging around . is that why??
    Who hoooo, hooo knows?
    Seriously, I don't think the owls will run the turkeys completely away, but if the owls stasrt nexting in the trees where the turkeys used to nest, the turkeys will fnd a new place to nest.

    That being said, if they are nesting in a different location, it stands to reason that come morning time, the hens drop down, and the tom will drop in that area too. Not saying they won't travel, but they are already away from you at that point.

    Might have to do some serious scouting or alot of calling.
    As I said in another post...Turkeys will Roam come Breeding time...They love open green Fields where new growth is starting along with the easy access of the New insects that show up Daily in these areas...Like you have heard me complain about...I see long-beards often during Deer season but come Spring? They are Nowhere to be found in the areas I have permission to hunt...Even the Gobbler my Daughter got was on some property 400/500 Yards from where I can hunt and even though we called him to us twice...He walked across what I hunt and went to another private area on the other side of my lease...That Gobbler traveled I know 3/4 of a mile in a few hours and we got Lucky and killed him when he was making a pass back through but I don't think Owls drive them away but rather just make them shock Gobble during breeding time because I have had 3 Gobblers in my shooting lane during deer season and the owls will be going crazy and even though the Gobblers look up concerned, They don't actually freak out at the sound of a Owl sounding off and don't even Gobble at them in the fall/Winter much...Good Luck