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  • Mouth call question

    Bought my first mouth call today.

    Nothing fancy, just a cheap one. I don't see any reason to buy a $30.00 call when I will be learning from scratch.

    SO I bought a HS Strut 'Single D' single reed call. Bought it at Bass Pro in Myrtle Beach. Got out in the parking lot and opened the package and put it in m y mouth and tried it.

    Spit in on the dash of the car. Put it back in after I got on the hiway and almost gagged myself. Tried again and ended up spitting drool all over the windshield>

    SO, the BPS is about 2 1/2 hours from my house. 15 minutes after i got home, I was making this thing work, I can do 3 distinctly different sounds with it.

    Problem is - and this is also my question -

    Does your mouthcall make you drool or slober?

    I can start calling and get off about 20 calls before I have to stop and swallow drool or take a chance of spitting the call out.

    Is this normal?

    Mouth Calls
    @ Scoutfish, Glad You Got the Call the Finially Work I Tred one a few years Back With The same Problem You had with spit and drool, but i never did get the call to make a sound. Sorry i cant help on this one.
    It sounds good
    But I swear, at the rate I'm going, I'm gonna have to see if Gerber offers an adult sized bib in Real Tree APG camo.
    mouth calls
    Hey bud. I think that the vibration might cause the drooling and such but Im no scientist. As far as mouth calls though I like the sound you can get out of the triple reeds. There real raspy like an older hen. Once you get used to them they will be youre go to favorite call. I guarantee it..jager..
    Mouth call
    I learned the way GT taught me....Put it in your mouth every chance you get and eventually you'll figure it out. A lot of people will trim them down but I never have.

    I learned to keep it pushed to the roof of my mouth with my tongue. I also figured out to keep it pushed forward against the front of my mouth. I don't open my lips all the way and even keep one side of my lips closed down. Kind of sideways calling with it.

    I like the more advanced calls (triple reed) because of the raspier sound. I'm no pro but, can be effective with it. Try two or three different ones. An easy one to master is one with a sonic dome (a hard plastic cup over the reeds) it's kind of like a trainer.

    I was going to buy the sonic dome, but they were sold out.

    I got a single reeed because:

    1) It was cheap. Didn't want to spend a bunch of $$ on something I never used before. Knew I had a learning curve ahead of me.

    2)I heard it's easier to learn and stat outwith a single reed. As I get good at it, I'll do a double and/or a triple reeds>

    It fits in the top of my mouth pretty good. Matter of fact, I can actually wedge it in there for a good while.

    But as I continue to use it, my saliva builds up and at some point, it wants to shoot out.

    So is the slobber due to just having something new in my mouth? Maybe when I get usd to it, it will stop?

    THansk for all the replies!
    New in the mouth!
    I don't know about new in the mouth but if it were Liver and onions, I would be slobbering. Another thing is rinse it off with water after use and put a piece of tooth pick in between the diaphrams. This will keep them from sticking together.

    I do know that there is a right side to be up in your mouth. Not sure how to tell but, I bet GT could answer this. All I know is some of mine I can used either way and get a different sound.
    single reed
    So nothing to seperate ( on this one) .It has a small bump on the plastic curved frame that is supposed to face down in your mouth.

    Yeah, I rinsed it, patted dry and have it back in it's storage case.

    I guess it's just me. For the most part, anything that goes in my mouth usually gets swallowed.

    Except liver and onions. I'd have to spit out the liver!
    mouth call Hope this helps scoutfish.
    1st..Some people have a BAD gag reflex and CAN'T use a mouth Call...2nd ... A single reed is by far the best for a beginner because with more Reeds comes more complication to use. But yeah The LAST thing you want to do is 'Lay it on the dash!!' because it's latex so keep it cool and Dry when not in use..Also the frame of the Call will have to form to your palate and everyone's palate is different so keep that in far as slobbering...anytime you can, just get used to having the call in your mouth and it will help..I have thought about making a video with some calling tips and techniques but everyone has to learn this technique through trail and error...also...Are you putting the call in correctly? Never stated Single Reed but with more than 1 reed the longest will always go on top toward the roof of your mouth and some will have a small bump like HS calls do and that Bump goes down...It's really easier to show and tell how to use a mouth call but they don't come out of the pack ready to call...You must form it to your palate and practice but again...Mouth Calls are Not for everyone...It took me a while also but I wouldn't Turkey hunt without one because of the no movement required.
    I wasn't even planning on getting one, but I started thinking about the advantages of being able to call while simultaneously holding my shotgun with both hands and having it already pointed to my target area versus calling , stopping and putting call down then having to pick up the gun and give myself away while doing so.
    your close by...
    hey man realized your in jville I'm right down the way in Richlands. Let me know if you have any questions about turkies around here...maybe we can get together sometime this season and hunt.
    Broke the frame
    So I was watching a video on youtube and unlike most, the guy didn't spend 90% of his time demonstrationg what he could do, but instead, told differet things zi should try, things I should feel for and what to expect.

    Right off the bat, this guy says it will take a long time.

    So, I'm enjoying the video and the guy says trhat sometimes, you can bend the frame a wee tiny bit to get a better fit.

    Yeah, he did say becauseful as you could change the tension of the reed.

    Anyways, I thought I would try a slight bend because I could actually wedge the call between my teeth>

    WEll, I guess most calls have an aluminum frame.

    Mine did not! SNAP! Barely even put pressure on it at all.

    The HS Strut 'Single D' is no more!

    So today I went and bought two calls:

    Knight & Hale 'Preacher' and a Knight & Hale 'Prosecutor'

    The Prosecutor sounded good,

    The Preacher was just impresive!

    Okay, so they are 3 reed calls, but I was able to make the Preacher speak turkey for me in 5 minutes.

    Yeah, I still have alot of time and practice to go, But I am already seeing a huge difference.

    So, no doubt different calls in different mouths react differently, but I'm kinda glad that first call broke, because otherwise, I wouldn't have bought these two new ones.