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  • Pattern

    I hope all the youth are having a good time today. A few have taken birds that I know of. Waiting to hear from everyone else and wishing I was under age 15!

    I can't wait for big boy and girl season to open next week. I've been messing around in the yard trying to get my pattern down...he he!

    I dailed the bow down for a couple of weeks because of a shoulder injury but couldn't resist turning it back up today.

    Good luck everyone!!!
    nice shooting viper!!
    Wish my boys 20 patterned that well lol.
    I wish!
    I quess this is good practice but I wish I could keep calm enough at the real bird to make these shots. I'll be going for the top of the drum stick when and if he comes in!
    nice pattern
    Good luck on getting one with the bow next week . Hoping to take me one with the bow this season also. I got me a new Parker and I have been trying to get it sighted in for 2 days.Finally took it to the bow shop and they adjusted a couple things on it and I think I finally got it,lol. Good Luck to u.
    Looks like you're layin' them in there pretty well.
    I was hoping to try one w/ the bow but at this rate we'll be doing good if Huntman gets one with the 20 gauge. lol
    Good luck to you next week.
    Good Shootin
    Sweet Looks Like You'll Be Ready For Them Turkeys!! Good Luck!! Iv'e Been Shooting my Crossbow Some I'm Confident Out-to About 40 Yards.
    Like the others have said...That will get the Job done and like you said...I would be lucky also to hit a Turkey with a Arrow in the Head the way I get tore up lol...Good Luck!!!!