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  • choke and load combos

    So I bought the 20 guage 870 express for my son. They didnt have the hs tube so I got the truglo.Gobbler xtreme. I patterned some rem. mag 3' 1.25 oz. #6 shot, not real impressed 12 in the head at 40yrds. They say not to shoot hevi shot or federal #7s from a ported choke tube.Im wondering if any one has a simalar set up and what ammo yall prefer??? help times running out ..jager..
    870 Express
    I shoot an 870 Express only in 12 ga. with a Carlson Extended Turkey Choke. #5's pattern the best but I like #4's for those longer shots that may happen when the Tom hangs up!
    Jager, This topic comes up often amongst my friends that seem like they want to turn Turkey Gun Patterning into a science...Turkey Loads of 4s 5s and 6s with 4s being the biggest and 6 Shot being the smallest. 6s will have more pellets and my Gun likes 5s the best but I normally back 2 of those up with a Number 6 for that starvation bead IF I was to need it. 40 Yards is out there for ANY over the counter Turkey Load in my opinion and you can go broke buying Chokes and shells when in reality, Patience might get the Bird alot closer than 40 and If not...Then you get to try again lol...I figured the High Dollar Choke Tube that I bought from Bearice would out perform my $20 Primos tight-wad but a sore shoulder and about $50 worth of ammo later...The Kicks Gobblin Thunder Choke is on Ebay right now and I'm back to where I started with the Tight-Wad Choke but like I said all guns shoot and pattern Different...If it makes you feel any better... Keep this in Mind:

    100 Pellets in his head = Dead Turkey
    30 Pellets in his head = Dead Turkey
    1 Pellet in his head = Dead Turkey

    Good Luck!!!
    federal heavyweight 7s
    hey man I have a 870 express youth set up with hs strut choke($25) and I'm shooting federal heavyweight no 7s and get awesome patterns out to 40 yds. you can definitely tell the difference between the Remington turkey loads and the federals. I set it up for my son to use Saturday and I have no doubt in my mind if he puts the bead on his head he's gna die
    @mac I know what youve got, thats the set up I was after since I saw your earlier post. I couldnt get the undertaker choke so I got the truglo. It dont pattern any better than the modified choke that came with the gun. My chokes ported and I read you shouldnt use fed #7 with ports due to the wads opening too early .Tomorrow Ill get some more ammo to @ gt It is a science and youre probley correct on youre assessment but Im hoping to rule out as many issues as possible for jesses first hunt. generally I can get Tom to 25 yards but you no how that goes lol.keep ya posted ..jager..
    Have you Guys tried the Federal Turkey Thugs Ammo?? My buddy really likes it and I've also noticed that the Winchester XX are back and the Supremes are gone?? I wonder if they are the same shells in a different box? I did shoot some of the 5s in Turkey Thugs the other day but the 6s shot better than the 5s but my old Supreme 5s out shot the TTs 6s if that makes any sense?
    Pure Gold .670
    My 1187 sm loves hevi 3.5' magb lends run through a .670 pure gold tube. She will put 240 pellets in a 10' circle at 40 yards.