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  • more birds

    these 3 have been visiting regularly, unfotunately they logged a big chunk of woods right up to the field edge and now they are gone. im guessing they have just moved off because of all the noise and hope they will return in a week or so.
    Dang Mac that sucks..Not to scare ya but my old honey hole was logged and now 6 years later, It's still dead as disco when it comes to Turkey hunting but they did rape it and left nothing!!! If they just thinned it out it should be OK in a week or so...Good Luck
    hope so
    luckily the birds are roosting way up on land that cant be hunted so my guess is they are just hangin close to home since they prob were getting spooked everytime they tried to hang out in the field. only time will tell.
    Try a diferent time?
    There are two different properties I will be hunting turkey on. Three when it comes deer season.

    Anyways, in the mornings, I have watched turkeys on both properties. Saw 12 at one time on family land, and two on friends land>

    In the afternoon...I haven't seen squat! Zilch! Zip! Nada!

    Okay, on the family land, i did see one go to roost , but only because I heard what sounded like a pickup truck falling out of the sky and hitting trees.

    So, just noticing how bright the pics are, maybe they are scarce in the afternoon just like in my area?

    Just a thought.
    Oh yeah...
    The friends land I was mentioning....we did see about 15 turkeys there one afternoon. Drove back to the third field and there they were in the middle of the filed. They took off for the woods>

    Since that time, the landowner has disced up the fields and spread turkey manure. Haven't seen any in the daytime since, but still see them in the morning.