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  • Tag Team Husband and Wife

    Early turkey season in the Low Country of South Carolina with cold and blustery winds and 26 abated has not been good for gobblers answering from from the roost.
    Bruce and Rhonda Compton from Lexington, S.C. who have been hunting in the Low Country of Bamberg, S.C. for most of their lifes and enjoy every hunt together as a team.
    Just when the sunrise temps got just a litter higher came the sound of gobbling and it was off in pursuit to start calling and to get a answer back.
    After calling with a few hen calls this bird would do a double gobble.
    Just as this one tom was coming in a full strut here comes another one and he took over and looked to be a bigger tom.
    Backing off with only a few low yelps and low clucks and at only 31 yards he made the mistake of a full alert with head up high.
    This is the best shot to take and not when a gobbler is in full strut.
    It was all over by 8:30 a.m. to tag and go after another one the wife heard gobbling in some tall pines.
    Started calling and the answer returned but this one would not move or come closer.
    This is when the wife decided to move our location and close in and a good decision she made.
    Wife had her target in view at 30 yards but with three large pines in her way there was no shot.
    This old boss gobbler was coming and taking his time .
    All I could hear was my heart beating in my ears as he got closer and closer.
    He is now only 13 yards in front of her and stepped in a opening for a clean shot.
    At 10:30 a.m. another gobbler had been taken.
    Hunting partners for over 37 years and memories that will last a life time.

    Bruce Comptons
    20 lbs. 10 inch Beard . 1 .5 Spurs

    Rhonda Comptons
    19 lbs. 10 inch Beard . 1.25 Spurs
    Showing how it's done.
    Congrats to you both!