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  • Got TURKEY FEVER Bad!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone Else???

    It's that time of year that I live for!!! The time when I get butterflies in my stomach and yes...believe it or not...Loose my appetite and start wondering if I'll even get a gobbler this year? I usually have a few in mind but so far...1 lonely Hen on trail Cam...Thanks GOD I meet Don on this site because he keeps telling me not to sweat it lol....I Can't wait!!!!
    Got it!
    Can't drive past a field without slowing down and stretching my neck.

    When I go to the local outfitter, I stare at turkey decoys like most men stare at a victoria's secret catalong

    I can now recognize 6 different tones from one slate call striker just by turning it around some.
    Turkey Season
    Man I cant believe its almost here. I cant wait!!
    turkey time
    I am definately ready. I heard a few gobbles and was awake all night,lol
    Turkey Time
    I've seen a Few but have yet to hear 1? This time last year, I could just go check my Trail Cam and hear them....Maybe I'm not getting up early enough lol
    1 week
    Been watchin some youtube videos on callin - Huntman has a shotgun and a good call so even though we are the blind leading the blind I hope Huntman gets his 1st turkey.
    I bought a mouth call but that must be an art of its own cuz I can't do anything with it. lol
    I think we've got a pretty good spot. During deer season we saw 8 toms together so hopefully a few of them will stick around. Right now the place is tore up from them scratching.
    I'm gonna try to video Huntman taking a turkey if I can keep my self together. lol Hope he gets one next Saturday so I can try one with my bow the following week.
    Godd luck everybody.
    watching a handfull of them
    There is a HUGE cornfiled that I pass on the way to and frrom work every day. Maybe 500 acres sub divided by ditches and treeline into 6 different fields.

    WEll, about a week ago, alot of the farmers in the are started plaowing in manure> Some use hog, some use cow, but most use turkey manure around here>
    AS much as I hate it, I can tell the difference just by the smell.

    SAO anyways, last Tuesday, as I was coming home from work, I see a bunch of wild turkeys next to a pile of manure> Best I could tell, they were scratching around for all the bigs ion and around the manure?

    Apparently, being only 30 feet from the highway was no big deal to them> They were not bothered at all by passin g cars, trucks, semi's , ect.....

    UNTIL, I pulled over real fast to take some pictures. They kinda, ran/hopped/flew across the
    field to the treeline.

    Saw them again yesterday, but didn't want to repeat what happened the day before> Today, I got the bright idea that : Instead of stopping to take pictures and scaring them off, I'd just slow down and video them.

    WEll, it didn't work as good as I plannd - had a line of about 9 cars and a winnebago behind me. Being it was Friday in general, and Good Friday before Easter and the start of spring break here...I wasn't gonna slow down traffic.

    Video is shaky, a tad blurry and I was being stupid by trying to watch the turkeys, my camera angle and the road all at the same time.

    Anyways, you can get the gist of what I saw.....
    Fixed it again for ya lol That is a Bunch huh??? I paused it and it looks like 9 or 10? I can't find 1 myself but have seen several in the fields where I can't hunt lol...Good Luck
    Fixed it too
    Yeah, after I posted the link, I remembered what you said about the embed code and redid it. Might be your fix or mine.

    I have had a few friends see a strutting tom here or there, but until Wed, didn't see one myself. I was about 45 miles away from home when I saw hiw about 100 yards of the road in a flat field>

    I am pretty sure there were no hens and that he was just doing it to mock me!

    I wish I had a rocket launcher to get even! :)
    Super excited to make some time and get back out in the woods! GT sending you an email.
    Didn't get it Buddy, try again Thanks