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  • Mossberg 535 ATS

    Anybody own one?

    What do you think about it?

    Would you recommend it?

    I am planning on buying my 12 year old a pump shotgun. Now, before you start thinking about some tiny child....My son is 12 years old and he weighs around 150 pounds...and is 5'9 3/4' tall.

    For a while, I had been mulling over buying a Mosberg Maverick 88 because it was pretty cheap.

    Know what I mean? For a first gun that may get laid down in the dirt due to lack of thinking, maybe dropped in the mud or water, possibly banged around some due to not being as careful as he should be...I didn't want to spend alot of money.

    So after holding a 535 today at the local outfitters, I have to say it felt pretty good. Pretty solid feeling , although I am used to holding guns that are heavier in weight.

    So, unless I get a bunch of bad reviews, I'll probably go with the 535 ATS

    Thanks for your input!
    firing a few rounds
    Bailey shooting 3 rounds of 00 buckshot.
    Great Gun
    GREAT GUN!!! I hunted with a 535 up until I went to a Auto...Up until these Crazy Gun prices DICKS would Sell a Mossy Oak Break Up Camo 535 Combo around Turkey Season that included a 22 inch Turkey Barrel AND a 26 inch Waterfowl OR Deer Barrel PLUS!!! A Red-Dot Scope and Weaver Rail ALL FOR $299.99!!!!! You can still get that Package but now it's $400 without The Scope I believe But yeah...Great great gun!!!! Never a problem with Mossbergs...I killed alot of Critters with my 535 and sold it last year for $250...I had it on the Classifieds here but it was actually a friend of mine that Bought it...Heck, last year I borrowed it 2 weeks after I sold it and It's the Gun that fellow Poster Donion Killed his Bird with when we doubled up in Rockingham...You wont be Sorry and do what I do...Take the Butt-Plate off and fill it full of cut up inner-tubes tom kill the recoil because a 535 will shoot all shells including 3 1/2.......Good Luck Here's a Pic of mine from a few years ago in SC where I killed 2 Gobblers with 1 shot from my 535
    I Fixed your Video also
    Thanks for the fix. How do I upload it that way? I don't know how to upload direct, so I posted a link to my video on youtube.
    When your watching a Video on Youtube....Click the Share Option, They will then be a EMBED Option...Click that then you will see the Embed Code..Right Click that and Copy then right click and Paste that Complete Code in the EMBED Box provided when you make a post or Comment...Be sure you highlight Complete Code if it doesn't do it for you but it usually does.
    How about
    A direct uploads from my desktop? Is there a way to do that?
    What are you wanting to upload? Pictures..Yes you know that but Videos LOL I wish but unfortunately NO..You have to Upload them to Youtube, facebook Photobucket ETC...It takes time I know.