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  • shed and shots

    Two things...
    1) Huntman and I have not found any sheds so far but check out this shed my buddy found. Assuming it held true on the opposite side, this would probably be the biggest 6 pointer I've ever seen. I put my size 12 boot in the pic for some size reference. This shed has 25 3/4 inches of main beam and it definitely has mass. It is heavy and measured 4 inches to 4 3/8 inches around in four different spots. Setting this shed on one of my shoulder mounts it looks like he would've been near 22 inches wide (inside) but when we measured this shed we figured him as 20 inches wide - again assuming he was nearly the same on the other side, this buck would've scored in the 140's. Great buck w/ some awesome mass - my buddy says he's gonna see if he can find the other side.
    2) Been getting some shooting in - trying to sight in my pins where I want them. This group was at 35yds. Still got some tuning to do but having a blast w/ this bow and not lookin' too bad.
    That is a nice shed...has alot of cool if he recovers the match
    nice shed. Glad your loving that new bow.My good buddy on here introduced me to his local bow shop and I finally got some,GOOD arrows,lol.Maybe now I can get my bow sighted in perfect.I shoot plenty good enough to hunt,just not perfect on the 3D targets yet. I imagine you and your son are having a blast shooting together.
    Joey - those pics don't even do that shed any justice. In your hand, you can really feel the weight. I'll put it on here if he is able to find the other one.
    D - Yeah a good set of arrows can make a difference. I didn't buy the high dollar arrows but did get a decent set of carbon Victory. I'm far from a perfect shot but I am getting more comfortable. Huntman and I have shot as much as we can between baseball practice/games and we are having a lot of fun. Trying to get ready for deer which will be on top of us before you know it. lol
    We've got all of our gear out & ready to do some turkey hunting first though. lol Heck if we can find some birds this year I might try to take one w/ the bow.
    I hope your able to take a turkey with that new bow.I'm sure thatt would be a proud moment,heck taking a turkey with a shotgun is a proud moment,lol.
    I keep looking at those sheds and think what a beautiful trumpet call they would make.I met a man at a local sports shop that makes trumpet calls from antlers and they were beautiful.I prefer my spursuader to use turkey hunting because it works,and I know how to use it.But I think if I get a buck this coming season I am gonna let him make me a call from the antlers,assuming I don't have it mounted.I thought that would be a great way to keep the memory of my first buck. As far as using a trumpet call,I've tried and I just can't get it,lol. Good luck to you and Huntman. I hope to see you both tag out.
    Sheds & Shots
    Those are great finds man.....I have found a few sheds but nothing like that....They are few and far between around here lol....Would love to see him on the hoof though...

    That is a good group at 35 yards brother...Just keep it up. You will have no problem taking down Ol Tom with the bow with that kind of group....Good Luck Bud!!
    Nice shootin Justin. Groups are good!
    Yeah Justin I know what you mean about Pictures don't do justice...Check this Buck out that was also only a 6 point (Not 20 wide lol) but you talk about mass...I did a Euro on him and with the mass, It's probably my heaviest European mount.
    Playing around
    @Diane, You mentioned the antler yelpers, I think I shared a few of my DIY wing-bone calls before but today I took a Deer antler base with brow tine and made me a barrel for 1 of mine that I also put a spur on. I think it's Cool!!! I made 2 antler with brow tine barrels and It's very hard to get a hole through a Curve lol and I did mess 2 others up and drilled through the side of them...Gotta start small and work your way up a little at a time....Anyway here's a few pictures of them...The regular Wing-bone yelper with the black is the 1 I carry myself.
    Dang,is there anything you can't do,lol? I love stuff like that. How are you at calling on it? Those are great.I would love to have a wing bone call myself.
    Well I can do the basic Turkey Talk like yelps and cutts and I have had Turkeys answer it lol The key is to place it in the corner of your lips and suck in...Take you a ink Pen apart or use a straw to practice...The tapered end of a Ink Pen is easier to learn on and how deep it's in your lips matters also, That's why you see stoppers on most yelpers as a guide to help you position your lips....Wow, I just re-read this and it kinda sounds perverted but That's my best way of telling ya lol
    Sheds!? What about those high-tops! Velcro and everything! Reebok? New,, or throwback?