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  • New camo kit applied

    Bought the Mossy Oak 3M vinyl gun camo kit online from .

    Total price of kit, including tax and shipping was $26 and some change. Ordered it last Friday and it arrived today.

    Took me about an hour to apply after cleaning the gun.

    It's not factory camo perfect, nor does it look as good as it would look if I sent it to a pro to have it wet dipped.

    But considering this is the first time I done this, it came out pretty damn good. I used a box razor blade, a windo tint squeegee, and a hair dryer to help bend and stretch the vinyl.

    I have to admit one thing I missed. After I aplied the kit to my gun, my son pinted out that I had forgot to cut out for the shell ejection port.

    I'm sure I would have figured it out eventually...maybe after it wouldn't cycle a round! :)
    Finished product
    Mossberg 500 28' ported barrel
    All Done
    This is it.
    Looks Nice!!!
    Aww Yes..Mossy Oak Duck Blind Camo...Not the most popular Camo even among Duck Hunters but I really like that pattern myself and you did a great Job!!! Hey It will serve the purpose and you didn't hurt the value or beauty of the original Gun!!! I promise you the game wont be able to tell it's a wrapped Gun....Shell ejection port..LOLOLOL That made me laugh but yeah...You would have figured that out soon enough lol...Again Great Job!!!
    Nice job there......disco ball to death machine! Let us know how it holds up in the field!
    That looks really good scoutfish! I have the same gun and will be using it this spring since my semi auto charles daly took a crap. I have some cheaper gun and bow wrap stuff that i'm considering putting on my gun, but will probably end up putting it on my camera tripod since it needs it bad also. How long can you leave that stuff on your gun? If it gets wet, do you have to remove it and clean it?
    Lave it on
    As long as you want. From everything I read about it ( it's a 3M vinyl wrap) you can leave it on for 20 years or peel it off every time a season changes.

    It's water proof. Get it wet, wipe it off, keep hunting.

    One note though, since my gun has the rib vent, I had to cut around the vent. Even all the way back to where the safety switch is at the back of the reciever. Reason being is the tiny little groove in the top of the rib. Water could travel down that channel under the vinyl wrap and go acidic and cause rust to the gun.

    Problem solved by cutting that part away.

    The vinyl is supposed to remove without leaving any sticky film behind.

    But you know how it is...eventually, everything wears out. If I leave it permanantly, I suppose that the colr will fade, the vinyl will crack, and sooner or later, the adheasive would start sticking to the gun.

    The product site considers it semi- permanat even though it's not really permanant.
    camo pattern
    I actually ment to order the break up pattern, but got duck blind by mistake. I wasn't paying attention to the intials after mossy oak. I saw 'DB' but read it as 'BU'

    But after applying it to the gun, I think DB is a better patterns for where I will hunt.

    The land I hunt on will have corn stalks, broomstraw grass, bamboo and other dead vines .

    There are field and there are creeeks and everything in between. MOst of the woods are hardwoods with oaks, maple, and holly trees, but the wild vines are arround the couple creeks and a smaller varaiety of bamboo grows plentiful. Most of it maxes out at about 1/2' diameter.

    The gun should blend well.

    Of course, I figure if the camo pattern is what gives me away, I have bigger issues to worry about! :)
    Like I said..I myself think Duck Blind looks awesome but my Duck hunting friends say they hate it and max4 is the best...You will be fine!! In my opinion, The Best turkey hunting Camo hands down is Mossy Oak Obsession!!! I wear it from my Lacrosse Alphas to my Mossberg 930 and I didn't think I was ever going to find a 930 in Obsession but I finally did...I just LOVE it!!! And now I have a Gobbler lounger in Obsession from Walmart to match lol...I'll look like a T.V.'s a pic Diane took last season...I think it blends into the Spring woods perfectly!!!
    My woods
    Are not quite that green even during the middle of summer.

    Well, the tree tops are and the branches of trees and the bamboo, but down low at the ground level, the forest floor is covered with dead leaves and dirt.
    Camo Dip
    That is awesome Scoutfish....I love that pattern....Advantage Max is king around here but I like the duck blind or old school patterns better...
    Looks Good!
    Scout that turned out awesome in my opinion. Thinking I may have to order a kit or 2 myself.
    Looks real good to me bud. I have an Ithaca Deer Slayer that my father-in-law left outside which ruined the finish that I ought to put that stuff on - sure would make it look better. Anyway good job.
    Yeah, for $26 it is definantly cheaper than getting a gun reblued.

    Clean it up, snad the rust spots and slap on the vinyl. It's supposed to last 10 years