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  • Sunday Hunting

    In a quick glance, I haven't seen anyone that has weighed in on here about the current legislation being considered for Sunday gun hunting. I remember last year someone made a post inquiring 'why not?' It seemed to get alot of positive response in support and I am fully on board as well.

    Here in Raleigh, it's being publicized quite alot and, of course, an obviously liberal journalist had about half of the front page of the News and Observer on Saturday bashing the very thought of such a horrible idea.

    I'm not an overly religious person at this point in my life but even if I was, I would totally support the CHOICE of the hunter and landowner to make the decision - not the state and certainly not for religious reasons.

    Those in support should voice their opinion RIGHT NOW because the way the state gov. is handling things lately, this will be either approved or squashed in a hurry. I think a simple petition on here could go a long way... what d'yall think?
    Why not?
    I moved here from Louisiana and hunted on Sundays my whole life. Was very surprised to find out you could not hunt on Sundays here in NC. I can't imagine the uproar if someone attempted to stop hunting on Sundays in the predominantly Catholic south. Tell me again, what exactly is the reason?
    I'm OK with it
    I have no problem with it myself...I kinda wish we could because you can in SC and a friend of mine killed 2 Gobblers yesterday in SC on a Sunday..It's really the only day he gets to Hunt or Fish. I know we can't please everyone and I love Jesus Christ myself....Another day sure would be nice During Turkey season but again I can always take my Bow on Sundays.
    I'm OK with it. I might go during the pre-rut/rut but probably not much other than that. I'd like it to be an option because I know several folks that get very limited time in the woods. My buddy's nephew is in the military and he got to come home for only a few days. He hunted as much as he could while he was here and maybe Sunday would give him and other folks in similar situations additional time in the woods.
    We have guys around us that target shoot on Sunday afternoons so hearing shots on Sunday wouldn't be anything new to us.
    Let it be a personal choice. Just my .02
    I'm not crazy about the idea of allowing hunting with firearms on Sunday. I am the only bowhunter in the club I'm in and everyone else runs dogs. The competetion (if you could even call it competetion- more like domination lol) is fierce enough. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining but I don't think it's right. People who run dogs around here have a self proclaimed right of way and show no respect for the still hunter, often showing it by cutting up on the roads near your truck, talking junk on the radio or whatever. I'd personally hate to see the otherwise quiet, peaceful sundays in the woods turn into a day at the monster jam/ random shootout fest lol (just like saturdays). Next they'll probably want to do away with bowseason and make it all rifle. If gun hunting on Sunday is passed, my main focus will be tagging out (or mostly) during bowseason. Just my .02
    Sunday Problems!
    I have no problems with bows/crossbows being used to hunt deer on sundays and i would ask the state to allow the use of muzzleloaders, but not allow firearms for deer hunting to be used as written in the proposed law. If the state allows deer hunting with all firearms on sundays, it will cause big problems for all hunters down the road. All it will take, is on a sunday, have one church shot into or god forbid a church member(s) be wounded or killed and the anti-hunting activists, gun control activists and the liberal socialist media will come down hard on all hunting and all guns here in North Carolina. If it happens, you can bet our hunting and our guns will have many more restrictive laws placed on them after they have their way in the courts and in the legislature.

    North Carolina already has a very long firearms deer hunting season with liberal harvest limits, so why is it necessary to change it now? A senior nc wildlife resources official has revealed, lobbiest with big $$$ from big hunting retailers, deer hunting outfitters and auto insurance companies joined forces to push this proposed law. In my opinion, this proposed law is a unscene TRAP, give the hunters what they want and then when something bad happens,liberals will use it to restrict and/or take hunting rights and gun rights away. Hunting is a way of life for me and i'm pretty much fine with sunday hunting the way it is. I ask the legislature to vote NO on the sunday hunting bill (as written) currently under consideration.
    For it!
    Thank all of you for your much valued opinion on the Sunday hunt proposal. I will proudly say I support any and all beliefs and thoughts on this much controversial subject from each of you. I also will say I support Sunday hunting with GUN. I have been around churchs and attended churchs alot of my life. I was raised in the country and there we survived off the land. I support all laws highly and obide by them to the FULLEST extent. I eat what I harvest for myself and the family. I refuse to include myself in the group that only eats from the grocery store or the local resturants. My family needs the ORGANIC harvest of the wildlife we harvest and wish to exercise our heritage on continuing the old ways of providing for the family. I do not support anyone of modern times telling me how I should live when everything I do in the hunting field is sport and food first. It is accepted to fish on Sundays and take food to your table using every MODERN source available today and fish you catch and even to have a fish fry at the church the following weekend. Why is it not accepted to hunt with a gun and harvest the SAME as you do the fish? Please do not abolish our hunting heritage in falling into the trap that you should hunt with guns when most discracing the subject actually do not support any hunting activities and are the first to EAT MEAT on Sundays. Do not back track and get into a corner as you will always find yourself there looking a way out. Not everyone hunting with guns are bad. You can find them on every corner and they do not hunt wildlife for food! Just my 2 cents.
    Well Said Huntinbucks!!!
    Hunting Heritage
    Hunting is our heritage and like you Huntinbucks, my family and i eat what we kill and catch, always have. Hunting for food is my main objective, if i wanted to kill really big bucks, there is other states with much better genetics and hunting regulations that support hunting for big bucks. NC has never really managed for big bucks, but manages to provide hunters the means to fill their freezers with alot of venison and that is good! My concern is the use of firearms around any church on sundays when people will be attending worship services, it is a matter of respect!Icare about our nc hunting heritage and the longterm effects this law may have on it. I've already mentioned what will happen if a church or someone is shot. In the future, this law may result in shorter seasons on most of the wildlife we hunt during the fall/winter seasons. That is not good for any hunter that loves the sport.
    At NCOUTDOORSMAN I agree with you about the gun hunting beside a church on Sunday. I personally would not hunt period beside a church on Sunday using any kind of weapon. Yes, there are idiots out there who do not respect anyone and that would be the one to make the rest look bad. Lets face it, there is one in every crowd. Maybe there should be a legal safety zone around churchs and schools all the time. This I think would solve alot of problems.
    Hunting Buffers
    I agree Huntinbucks, they need a buffer around church's, schools and i would add recreation parks with ballfields also.
    Since they are likely to allow firearms on sundays, does this mean they will allow the use of dogs for deer drives also? Nobody can control where the dogs chase deer. Where the dogs go, the deer/dog hunters will follow.
    When the dogs run the deer into the church building during worship service, that may be the way alot of them good ole boys start going to church on sundays! LOL! The lord does work in mysterious ways!
    Im for sunday hunting....... Theres no data any where saying that sunday hunting is more dangerous aka.. accidents happening than any other day of the week....mostly I work 6 days a week let ME decide how to spend my day least on private land ..jager..
    Right on
    I think Jager hit the nail on the head and in as few of words as necessary. Let's face it, this legislation is politically and economically driven more than anything which is why it will probably pass. NC alone brings in over $600 million in gross revenues every year.

    In my opinion, this legislation supports the sportsman in general, meaning it gives people who don't have the time through the week the time on the weekend - without Sunday means Saturday is your ONLY day which may or may not make it into the field.

    The basis here for me is that our everyday lives have changed since decades past. Our world gets busier every day. I think it would be selfish to think of this as opportunity just for us to 'get some more shootin in' but more importantly for the developement of our children and other future outdoorsmen who are the sacred future of our hunting heritage. Like others have said on here, just my .02
    For It!!!!!!!!!!
    For what it's worth...I have a friend who LOVES to hunt but with his Job, He only got to hunt a total of 8 Days the whole season and most of them was Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation...I'm with you Guys....People Bit*h about the Deer population but then frown on the logical solution...Hunting? Talking about the deer population...I'm fixing to share a video that will tug at your heart-strings if your any kind of Sportsman at all....Stayed tuned!!
    Look, I'm not trying to sound like a pompas ass, but did you read the proposed bill.

    It would only be on private land, and not public lands or churches>

    As far as somebody shooting into a church, that could happen at any other time or any other place - why is Sunday singled out?

    Now, I have quite a few friends who work monday through Fri and 1/2 day Saturday.

    I have some who work Sat and Sunday, but are off 1 other day during the week when they cannot get onto gamelands.

    So...they shouldn't be allowed to hunt because NC is a bit more liberal than other states.

    Me, I had a surgery a couple years ago that resulted in my right side trapeze muscles going to pot. The 3 muscles that make up the trapeze area are wasted away. In case you didn't know, those are the muscles that help you raise your arm over your head and to pull back.

    Basically, that means I cannot draw back on a bow. SO, as it is right now, I will not be able to ever bow hunt on Sunday.

    Now, let's go deeper and look at it from a religious point of view: Not supposed to hunt, work, etc on the Sabbath are we? Well, the Sabbath is actually on Saturday.

    But lets go further and assume that some people may not folow that religion, may not follow the Christian religion( Jewish, Taoist, Vodun, Scientologist, etc....) Why should they not be allowed to hunt because somebody else doesn't like it?

    They are citizens, taxpayers and hunters too.

    Again, not trying to be a jerk or sound like an ass, but the proposal for hunting on Sunday shouldn't change anything at all except the name of the day on the calendar> All daily and crel limits apply, all hunting safety laws apply, and hunters are not excuses from following all safety rules or ethics rules.

    Good luck in all your hunting ventures.
    Why attack religion?
    Scoutfish, our religion should come before anything we do in life, but like i said in a previous post, it is a matter of respecting the ones that attend church on sundays no matter what their religion is. And for safety concerns i would add public parks and recreation fields to the list. I think you and i would agree on that. I'm for sunday hunting on all lands, public or private, just avoid hunting around the above mentioned areas. Like huntingbucks suggested, hunting buffers around these areas could be the solution? The main point of my post was to say be careful, because the anti gun liberals and anti hunting groups are very eager to use anything we do against us. Sometimes we have to be carefull not to fall into their traps even when we think it is for the good of our sport. I know this law will pass, it just has to be respected and followed like all others. Beleive me, i'm a diehard hunter and appreciate our hunting heritage and all the responsibility that comes with it!
    Sorry to hear you can't use a bow, maybe you can try a crossbow until gun season comes in, they are very effective!
    Anyways, good hunting and good fishing!
    Not attacking religion
    What I am saying is that not all religions use Sunday as their holy day or Sabbath type of day.

    What about the religions who meet on Saturdays? They should be given same respect, no?
    What about the ones who meet on Mondays or any other day of the week? What about the ones who have an entire month as a religious timeframe?

    Would you suggest that nobody can hunt on those days?

    Anyways, the answer is moot because the proposed bill specifically states:

    'A person may hunt on Sunday on privately owned land if the person is the owner of the property or if the person has written permission dated and signed by the owner of the property to hunt on Sunday on that property.'

    So, This would not change the chances of churches getting shot at> The odds are no more or no less.

    Again though, what about people who's jobs have them working Monday through Saturday? You are saying they shouldn't be allowed to hunt like you and I?
    Yeah, I'd like to try that, but dang, for the price of a decent crossbow, I can buy a nice shotgun.

    For the price of a really good crossbow, I can buy a really nice gun.