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    The North Carolina Bowhunters Association (NCBA) inducted three people into their 'Hall of Fame' after a two year lapse in activity at their Annual Banquet in the Kerr-Scott Building at the Dixie Deer Classic in Raleigh on March 2, 2013. Jerry Elijah Rushing, Charles 'Jack' Smith and Donald 'Wayne' Smith are the inductees. All were unanimous choices for inclusion into the 'NCBA Hall of Fame.'

    Two of these were founders of the NCBA, and were long overdue for recognition. Jerry Elijah Rushing was the initial 'Founder' of the association in 1972. He served as president for the first 3-4 years. Interest in the fledgling association initially ballooned to over 100 members. In an interview with Jerry in October of 2012, Jerry said: 'The association grew too fast for us. We just weren't 'smart' enough to know what to do with it! After a 3 year 'Lull' in activity, Jerry asked Jack Smith to take the reins of the association and try to reorganize and salvage it. So, that is what he did. Jack regained control of the corporate charter with the N.C. Dept. of State and reactivated it. They re-elected new Executive Council Officers, re-wrote the bylaws and covenant of the NCBA, and they were on their way.

    Jerry Rushing led a storied life as a young man. He was what came to be known as a 'Moonrunner'. A movie of that name was made about this He hauled 'Moonshiner' for a living for years, driving a modified 1958 Chrysler 300-D with one of the original 'Hemi' engines. It was capable of speeds up to 140 mph+, much faster than anything the 'Revenooers' had at that time. He named his car 'Traveller', after General Robert E. Lee's favorite horse. If any of this sounds familiar, the TV and movie series, 'Dukes of Hazard', was modeled after Jerry Rushing's life. Jerry also ran the NASCAR circuit in it's early years from 1950-62. Jerry also took the first Black Bear in N.C. with a bow & Arrow in 1971. It scored 18 7/16' and is in the P&Y Record book. There is much more to this story that can be read on the NCBA webpage under the 'History' Link at:

    Wayne Smith is HOF member #27. Wayne is simply a hard-working NCBA member who is also a very good bowhunter. He holds the NCBA state record for Red Fox, and one year, he recorded 27 groundhog kills with his bow, along with a Pronghorn Antelope he 'ground stalked' in Wyoming on a hunt he won at the NCBA Banquet. It also made the P&Y Record Book listings.

    NCWRC officer Peter Herron was honored as the 'NCBA Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.' Greg Batts was recognized as the 'NCBA Biologist of the Year.'

    John Thompson and Richard Burkett were presented with the 'NCBA Gold Arrow Award', and I was honored to be presented the 'Fred Bear Award' for Service to NCBA and Bowhunting in North Carolina.

    Bowhunting Awards were presented to NCBA members who had harvested animals and fish in all the different species for the year 2012. Bill Howard was named the 'Adult Male Bowhunter of the Year.' Teena Koury won the 'Adult Female BH of the Year', and Cole Miller won the 'Youth Male BH of the Year.' We had no nominations for 'Youth Female BH of the Year.'

    Entertainment was provided by country singer Colton James, who performed several shows at the DDC over the weekend to benefit our 'Wounded Warriers.'

    Other noted attendees at the banquet were Gene and Barry Wensel and Tom Miranda, along with 200+ members of the best Bowhunting organization in the U.S.A. If you missed it, you missed the best bowhunting show of the year in North Carolina.