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  • A Day To Remember!

    Sunday,March 10 will be a day that Gary Rogacki and J.C. Robinson will remember for a long time. Woke up and ready to go at 5:30 a.m. from the 'Lakehouse' for another day of slamming the trout. J.C. told me while drinking his last cup of coffee that they wanted to catch rat reds up to 10 lbs since they 'mastered' the trout & bull reds the previous day. I said the customer is always right so we waited until daylight to make the run to the redfish hole. Our first drift produced 2 trout and 3 nice reds. I was chunking the world famous LSU chub while J.C. started off with a chartreuse/white Hum Dinger spinner bait. Gary had on a swimbait and quickly changed over to the LSU chub. We made another drift and found the reds stacked up and slamming our lures like there was no tomorrow. Reds from 16-28 inches and boy were they mean & hungry. The wind picked up to about 20 mph and the reds went crazy!! The reds were in a frenzy in 2ft of water as Gary & J.C. had them coming in from all sides. After icing up our 15 fish the guys caught & released redfish until the wind blew us off the pond. The guys caught 37 reds and I forgot my tagging kit in the truck. Thank god for the 'Power Pole' .... its worth every dollar as we could not have stayed on the fish without it. By 10:00 am we were done with the reds and Gary & J.C. had also 'mastered' catching the pond reds too. We took a break as we decided what to do next. By noon we decided to look for more trout. Upon arrival at our trout hotspot I caught a 4lb fish on my first cast on the LSU chub. Gary & J.C. followed up with 2 over 3 pounds and it was 'on fire'! It was crazy with the wind screaming at 25 mph we were catching trout on almost every cast for the next 2 hours. We left them biting after getting number 75 in the boat. Every trout was caught on LSU chubs with a slow retrieve or either a blueback swimbait. And yes, we caught another dozen reds while catching trout to wrap up a truly amazing day on the water. Capped off the day with big platters of boiled crawfish and cold beer and it just cant get any better than that!! Dularge is truly a special place and I've been blessed to be a part of it for the last 40 years! Its all good on the DU!

    Capt Bill Lake
    985-637-3712- 985-851-6015