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  • 2013 deer/everything else classic

    it's been 7 yrs since i'd been to classic and man ol man has it changed. nutting against the other stuff but i'm more into the deer stuff itself. i could stare allday at the antlers, lol. guess they're trying to pull people from all walks to the classic now. the scoring of heads well seems it was cluster **** part of the time. wrong scores with wrong heads, gross scores no net scores and vice they lost 1 of my score sheets and i found it with a skull mount and when i told 1 of the fellows it was incorrect he looked at me like i wuz crazy.all in all had a good time and it's the fun of meeting other hunters and looking at the nice deer taken. i've said it before it's not as much the score as it is the enjoyment of the hunt!! including cpl pics of 2 ,i carried, took 3 but the 3rd half his head is gone in the pic so i didn't upload. congrats to all hunters this yr and hope the coming one will be successful to.
    Regardless of Score Joco...You have some great Deer to be proud of!!!
    Nice deer JOCO.. I think our County has some studs out there.
    Big JoCo Buck
    JOCO, that is a big buck in the 2nd photo, congrats! When i saw it on display at the DDC i noticed it was killed in Johnston Co and if i remember correctly, in 2002. JoCo is where i live, sure would be nice to see one like that where i hunt in north joco, hopefully it will happen this year! The rack is very symetrical and has good mass. Did he come from the low grounds along the neuse river?
    thanks fellows, ncoutdoorsman the biggun grossed 165 4/8, net 151 5/8, a lil over a inch broke off of g-4 when i dropped him in drive way. if he'd had matching g-4 on other beam he'd grossed well over 170 but i'm happy anyways.i'm bout 7-8 miles from lowgrounds.i have 2 more 8pts gross over 140, shot and missed a 8 pt last yr at 40 yds 22/23's inside pushing 160 and missed with my rifle , he was a unbelievable buck.
    JoCo deer
    Sounds like you have great farmland to hunt on, especially when you can harvest one that big in on your own property. Are you practicing QDMA or have another deer managemnt plan for your property, if so, for how long?
    ncoutdoorsman, 1st of all i've killed my share of little bucks over the yrs but realized that why shootem if i wanna hopefully see big bucks.i'd also like to say when deer season is i hunt everyday i can rain, heat, cold whatever, my wife says i'm addicted to shooting big i have nothing against anyone shooting young bucks but when the young bucks are killed for sure you'll never know what he coulda been.i'd guess my biggest thing is where i hunt hardly any pressure. i don't tramp all over the woods, hardly ever hunt the woods.i hunt fields 1 in particular that with some sitting time usally pays off. yrs ago i hunted the woods and seen alot less deer, not saying that hunting woods is bad , hut since i've changed my strategies of hunting fields and not woods it has paid off.if it works why change right ??.i kinda think of it as their sanctuary and not to disturb them unless trailing a deer. my experience has proved to me here that if left alone and minimal pressure they travel in the fields ok.i've tried food plots, clover , chickory , good here reckon because of crop fields. sweet taters, soybeans. let me just say in my opinion a bean field is hard to beat even after they dry out.i keep corn out during season as an attractant and it does help keepem close especially after acorns are gone. i've shot some nice bucks and seen some i didn't shoot. i've let some nice 1 1/2 - 21/2 yr olds walk hoping they mature, some i never see everyone has their own way of hunting and i'm sure some locations my style hunting might not be as good. i made oath to myself not to shoot any deer unless i have him mounted and much as that cost it's easier to keep the safety all in all i just love being outside and being able to hunt and enjoy gods creations. good luck to ya !
    100% in agreement
    Your deer hunting principles are exactly what i practice. I try to hunt land where the pressure is the least and then i don't become the pressure. Unless tracking one, stay out of the woods and cutovers, that is their home (their sanctuary) not mine. I always hunt the fields and the the field edges. Deer will come to the fields if they are not pressured and the groceries are there to eat, which usually means corn, soybeans and peanuts, especially before and after the acorns have come and gone. I leave the scrapes and rubs alone on the field edges, they will work them if not disturbed. Personally, i seldom walk around the edge of a field, i scout them with binos from far away during the summer to see where the are entering and leaving the fields (some fields seem to have deer year in and year out no matter what crops are planted), then i know where to feed corn starting in mid august and where i will hunt them using my climbing stands in bow and muzzleloader seasons. I will always walk directly across a field to the area i hunt, even when i fill my feeders and use my climbing stands. I always use my towers set out in the fields when the gun season comes in.
    I try to hunt with the wind in my face and use scent free clothes at all times, which usually means everyday during the deer season, no matter what the weather conditions are. I have seen some very nice bucks come into the fields or hang along the field edges during terrible weather conditions.
    I kill alot of does during the early part of the season and by mid october, my freezer is full and from then on i'm in my tower stands before dark all the way to dark every evening. The towers are my home away from home for 2 1/2 months, my wife hates it, but she can always call me on the cell if there is an emergency, she knows how much deer hunting means to me! I only kill bucks that i want to mount and i have gone years without killing a buck, but im satisfied knowing i didn't kill a small buck that someday may grow into a real trophy for myself or for someone else to have a chance to kill and mount.
    I have spent so much time on stand, that it has become a way of life for me. Everyday is different and you never know what you will see and that is why i'm out there day in and day out with that burning anticipation that today will be the day that i will kill that giant buck if steps out or just see the same deer i've passed on for the last month for almost everyday or see something totally unexpected. But if i don't see anything, thats ok, because i know i will be there the next day, and that just might be the day i have the chance to kill that giant buck! I'm just so thankfull to be able to experience all that is out there, the wildlife and the outdoors life, it is a true gift from the lord!
    After the season is over i refill all of my mineral sites and work on my towers or install new towers. I don't walk in the woods or cutovers after the season is over, i leave their home alone year round. I do keep the corn flowing on the feeders until the late march green-up, then i let them run out in plenty of time before the turkey season begins. I scout my feeders with binos from jan thru march, i just have to be out there, it's hard to quit cold turkey after the season is over! Thanks JoCo for letting me know i'm not the only one that has the same passion for deer hunting, we are just 5 months away before the season starts again, i can't wait!
    My kind of post!
    I missed the Classic, but thanks to the forum, got the jist! I enjoyed this post and replies! Joco some great points. I will consider this post this year. ncoutdoorsman welcome to the forum! Some great points there, too! Thinking back some of the biggest deer I have seen, were on field edges. I grew up hunting a club and 1000's of acres. Dad took us way back in the woods. He usually was the last to get to his stand. We saw more flags than antler. And if any antler, it was moving 30 mph. Most of the deer were killed near where we parked. The deer would back track and circle us going in. I like yall's points on not disturbing the woods!
    ncoutdoorsman, i see in your profile you like predator hunting,we're not far apart, think ya might be up for some coyote hunting ?, gotta plenty of'em and need to try an take some out before the does drop fawns.