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    Got my Spursuader from GT today. I got my moneys worth walkin' thru CVS and Food Lion annoying the crap outta my wife with it. lol She said, 'You might be a redneck if...' blah blah blah. lol
    But seriously, this is a very nice pot call and an absolute beautiful piece. I do a little woodworking myself and I know that when I see craftsmanship like this that the person truely cares about what they are doing and what they are making.
    Thanx GT and I certainly hope to be posting pics of Huntman w/ his Spursuader and a gobbler this season. (Put 'em on ebay.)
    I agree Justin,these are great calls .They not only look great,they sound great. I love watching Gracie with hers.She gets so intent like shes tuning everything else around her out,lol.Then she will look around to see if the gobblers are strutting in. She still needs some practice,lol.But to see a 6 year old little girl with a pot call in her hand trying to call in a turkey is priceless,so who cares how she sounds.I'm just thrilled she's interested enough to try.I think you and your son will have great luck calling them in this year with this call,it worked for me and I was a 'green horn' ,as GT called me,lmbo.Good luck this season.
    Thanks for the kind Words Guys and Justin, I'm Glad you like it...still trying to get that video uploaded...Guess I blabbed to much while making it lol...Thanks again