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  • Crossbows

    Im curious as to how many hunters out there use a crossbow to hunt and how many have converted from compound bow to crossbow and if they enjoy using them?
    Tried it!!! HATED it!!! They are big and clumsy in the tree and I would usually forget to cock it on the ground and it's something to see with me doing it in a climber but yeah...I had 2 really nice Xbows and it just wasn't for me..It's like it took the thrill of Archery out of hunting for me so I went back to a 50/60 pound Bowtech assassin that is smooth...My shoulder really only bothers me on real Cold days so I'm back with a lower poundage Compound that shoots about the same speed as the Xbow did anyway...Not saying that someday I wont be forced to hunt with another Xbow but I hope not. People say they can't draw a Compound but if they can Cock some of the Xbows, I see no reason why they can't draw a 50/60 lb bow and get the job done.
    The reason i was asking about crossbows is i just thought they would be esier to use. I just really need to dust off the bow (Parker Wildfire Extreme) pulling 56lbs. and practice,practice,practice! Need to get Reese a bigger bow he outgrew his Diamond Nuclear Ice. Plus hes left handed like me. Hes pretty good shot:)
    Not a big fan of bowrifles but, I can out shoot any of them hands down with my 6 year old Hoyt. My shoulder is giving me a fit lately but I'll just turn it down a little from 70 pounds of draw before I'd give in to the bowrifle. However I support people that have made the switch for their own needs and reasons, don't get me wrong.

    I'm looking at a new bow by Ben Pearson Archery soon to be Person Outdoors, the Stealth II shooting 340 with 60 pound limbs and a 6 1/4 brace height.

    You can check them out at the Dixie Deer Classic. The Manufacturer will be there and not some bow shop representing and manufacturer. Got to give them props for that!
    i caint stand em. think if you aint handicapped, a women, or a youngin you ought not use one. like em just for those reasons. i think their good for gettin a gal or youngin in the outdoors. i think its a joke that all these grown men kill these giant bucks then talk bout their 'archery' kill. ha. thats a joke. props on the buck but hell, aint much different than shootin em with a gun. getcha a stick an string an see what the chances of takin that same deer woulda been.
    Viper did I read that correctly? 340 at 60lbs??? That's almost unbelievable and Chevyman...Those Parker Wildfires are Nice Bows!!! My Brother has 1
    that is kinda up there. those Parkers are nice. a few of my buddies shoot em.
    Well I wouldn't be doggin' on an xbow like they are some kind of cheatin' or whatever. Kills with a xbow are registered seperately (or supposed to be). Think about muzzle loaders - they are so advanced now they are pretty much like shooting a single shot rifle.
    I bought a xbow, gave my old Bear Whitetail 2 to a 15 year old boy that wanted to start bow hunting, and now I'm lookin' for another bow. I like the xbow but just think the compound bow is a bit more fun to shoot. I liked target shootin' in the yard with my Bear but it's just not the same with the xbow.
    I wouldn't knock anyone that chooses to hunt with one - to each their own.
    Chevyman I shoot a 2009 Parker Wildfire XP @ 70lbs. and have had no desire to upgrade. For the money, I can't imagine having a better bow. I would dust it off, wax the string, and spend some time on the range. I might upgrade the sights on mine this year, but the one that came with it has been sufficient. I also have a 2009 Parker Buckhunter XP @ 60lbs. that I bought hardly used as a backup bow. It's a good bow as well even though I haven't hunted with it.
    Stealth II
    Hey GT, here is a link to Ben Pearson Archery and that Stealth II. Inferno4me just got one but, hasn't set it up yet. He'd planning on running it through the crono once he does. So we'll see!

    It has a 6 1/4 inch brace height which is unforgiving but, with my long draw this bow will have a heck of a power stroke.
    Ol Ben
    That's a cool looking Bow!! With that Brace-Height and that Cam design Looks like the Draw cycle would be harsh at roll-over but will be interesting to see how it does on the market...All the Talk now seems to be on the New Athens Testament which is a wicked looking Bow but of course the price keeps getting higher. It has a cool Riser design.
    The draw on this bow is surprisingly smooth with a solid back wall. It has ajustable cam stops but, at full draw you can hold it forever.
    That Cam reminds me of a Cam on a Old XI Flatliner I used to have in the early 90s that Myles Keller endorsed lol It was the Hottest thing to have and the ad said 'Speed Kills' and was 280IBO lmbo!!! But I think I got 243 out of mine with a over-draw...I like the sounds of the Stealth II7 better I believe with the Brace height and don't think I have ever heard of micro adjust Let-off...You mention you can hold it at full draw forever....I can understand that with 85% let-off lol What would that put you holding?? Not Much I'm guessing but yeah sounds Great!! Inferno have a retail Price or did I over look it? Several people will like that 32 inch draw I'm guessing.

    Stealth II7
    CAM: Dual Stealth Cams
    IBO Rating: 330+
    Axle to Axle: 33 1/8'
    Brace Height: 7 1/8'
    Draw Weight: 60, 70 pounds
    Physical Bow Weight: 4.1 pounds
    Let off: Micro Adjustable from 50%-85%
    Draw Length: 28'-32'
    I will shoot a compound as long as I can...There is just no substitute. Yes, crossbows are considered archery tackle but it is not the same by a long shot. Granted there is a major difference between a compound bow and traditional bow but the principles are pretty much the same. Crossbows are nothing like shooting compounds or long bows. With that being said, I have zero problems with people using crossbows. They are not for me but one day I know I will have to use one. If it gets more people(Men, Women, Children, Disabled) into the outdoors then I don't see the problem.....There are just too many folks out there that don't want us to be hunting anything and the more people we can have on our side the better.....Just my .02......
    I am in tip top shape currently in the military and can usually out lift most in the gym......and I shoot a crossbow.

    The old phrase 'those are for women and old men' just doesn't apply everytime. I have a Barnett Ghost 350 and you can't get that much power, range and accuracy out of a compound. The way I saw it when I made the switch to the cross is 'if it is legal and puts deer on the ground better than what I have, why not?'
    I am still using a compound and have no desire to use a crossbow. BUT, I am glad they are available because my Uncle Bob who is now 71 can no longer pull his compound.
    HawgDawg..I did my homework when I tried the Crossbow Craze but the PRO being a slim difference in Kinetic energy just wasn't worth all the Cons when compared to a Compound and Like I said earlier, It just seemed to take the Archery out of it for me but I don't blame ya for wanting to shoot 1 where legal but saying the Compound didn't have the Range, Power or Accuracy of a Crossbow couldn't be further from the truth because I have seen people out-shoot a crossbow with a compound with my own eyes lol
    Crossbow speeds and draw weights vary by model, but individual units of the same model generally shoot the same draw weight, draw length and arrow size, therefore speed and energy is very close.
    Compound bow speeds and energies, on the other hand, vary wildly because most are highly adjustable and therefore each shooter selects a customized draw weight, draw length and arrow length and weight, which all contribute to the arrow’s speed and energy.

    Some Data for ya:
    Crossbow average kinetic energy average: 327 fps / 420 grains = 99.747 KE

    Specific crossbow setups (with varying draw lengths and weights for comparison purposes):
    -Wicked Ridge Invader: 297 fps / 445 grains KE = 87.18
    -Stryker Strykzone 380: 375 fps / 395 grains KE= 123.37
    -Parker Concord: 293 fps / 415 grains. KE= 79.12
    -PSE Tac 10: 341 fps / 425 grains KE= 109.76

    Vertical compound bow kinetic energy average: 285 fps / 400 grains = 72.16 KE

    Specific compound bow setups (with varying draw lengths and weights for comparison purposes):
    -PSE Dream Season EVO: 65 # @ 311 fps / 375 grains KE= 80.55
    -Darton DS 3800: 72 # @ 344 fps / 348 grains KE= 91.46
    -Bowtech Invasion: 59 # @ 276 fps / 385 grains KE= 65.13
    -Mathews Z7: 59 # @ 272 fps / 385 grains KE= 63.26
    X-bow vs Compound
    Good information there GT but you missed one thing.....and the most important thing.

    It gets down to basic physics and aerodynamics. The length of a shaft greatly changes the accuracy at distances, and the stability in flight. Compound bows shoot longer arrows than x-bows and for that reason alone, tend to be more accurate at further distances.

    X-bows with their high poundage's, (which are currently being met by compounds), have short limbs and short power strokes, which leads to a violet impact on the cams and limbs (some x-bows have no cams) and only adds to maintenance issues and durability.

    My compound set up with 72 pounds draw weight, 29 1/2 inch draw length (power stroke) and long axle to axle 34 inches makes those 100 yard shots at 6 inch balloons do-able.

    Hey bottom line....shoot what makes you happy and confident shooting. Confidence through practice with anything is what gets humane harvest!