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  • New to inshore fishing

    Hey everyone - I am looking for a little guidance. I am new to inshore fishing. My wife's family has a place down at E.I. and I'm trying to into fishing. I figured I would start here. Most of my fishing will be sounds, intracostal and so on. I really like spinning rods and reels. I just feel more comfortable with them.

    So my question is. What's some good spinning rods and reels to get started with.

    Thanks for all the help.
    Well I have fished extensively at the coast. Creeks, I.C. and surf. I myself prefer bait casters yet I still have a few spinning reels.

    From my experience the salt waters will take a toll on your equipment if not thoroughly washed with fresh water after every trip. Aluminum spools seem to take the worst beating. I would suggest looking for a reel that is made for salt water use. Usually they will have caborn graphite spools and stainless steel gears. Depending on what you are after will determine the size reel and rods to use. I like a 7 to 8 foot medium weight graphite rod and reel that is balanced to the rod. For the surf and inlets I use a Penn Surf Master 9 foot carbon graphite rod with an open-faced or spinning reel.

    I hope this helps you a little but, the best thing to do is visit a well established fishing and bait shop at the coast. East Coast Sports, I would highly recommend. They are located on the main drag in Surf City between the intercaostal bridge and the beach. Here is their web site:

    Good Luck! Tight Lines now!
    any bait recommendations? Looking to catch flounder, Specs, Reds, Spanish Mack. I have been reading a lot about Gulp Alive? I have few gift cards from dicks sporting goods that I was going to us on bait, line and hooks.

    Thanks for the help.
    Do you have a boat?
    Also,if your in E.I. then go to The Reel Outdoors, Greg there can help you with what's biting and what they are biting on.
    I would get the rod and reel from him ( I prefer Shimano) but use your Dicks gift cards for line and lures. I prefer braided line because it has no streach and you can feel every bump and or bite. Power Pro would be my choice.
    As far as the Berkley Gulp Alive, I understand it can't be beat expect with natural baits such as shrimp and finger mullets and mud minnows.

    Hope this helps.
    Mirror lures for specks, soft plastics for reds and live bait for flounder would be my choices, but you can catch flounder with soft plastics also. Talk to Greg at The Reel Outdoors.
    Good Advise
    Good Advise you have been given. I love the mirror lures in and greenish finish that will suspend in mid-water for reds. I also like Calcutta swim baits with the built in weighted jig. Specs,flounder and reds will hit a gold Clark's spoon as well.

    You might want to get a cast net. I love fishing with live bait and with a cast net and learning how to use it, it cuts down on your bait cost. I would recommend a 4 footer for beginners but it opens to an 8 foot diameter which is a hand full if you are wade casting.
    Thanks for the help. I do go to the Reel outdoors a lot while I am at E.I. It's almost a morning ritual for me. Lol
    Live bait
    Viper- what kinds of bait fish am I looking for ? Mud minos?
    Clark spoons.....
    Good one Viper, how did I forget those.
    The Bait I cast net for are mullet minnows around 3 to 5 inches long. They will run in the surf line once it warms up but you can always find them on the IC side most all the time around docks and marinas.

    Good luck!
    I wasn't getting much help on line information at dicks sporting goods the other night. I was looking at Powerpro Spectra Green Braid Line. Is that avoid line. Or do you guys have any other recommendations.
    Braided line
    Power Pro Spectra is a great line in my opinion. The 30 lb test has the diameter of 8 lb test and I use the green. Strong yet very castable.
    You can tie it direct or use a fluorocarbon leader material, such as seaguar. I use a 4 to 6 foot piece tied to the power pro. You'll need to use knots especiall for braided line and line to line tieing. I use a Berkley cinch knot to connect the 2 lines and it always works. You can google 'fishing line knots' and find what I'm talking about. I keep a little cheat card showing different knots in my tackle box just to have. When tieing a mirror lure for example you don't want to tie a tight directly to the eye, you want a loop so the lure will have better movement. Here is a link for that knot.....'s called a Rapala knot.
    Here is a line to line knot....
    Hope this helps. I found these at