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  • Remington Nitro Turkey

    Yesterday, I took some shots at my turkey targets to get my gun patterned it.

    I have the Mossberg 500 with 28' accuvent barrel.

    Using a stock full choke that came with the gun, and using Remington Nitro turkey 3' #5 shot - I consistantly put about 20 shot in the kill zone at 45 - 50 yards.

    Up til that point, I was planning on buying a
    X full or XX full turkey choke, but now I am
    thinking of not even bothering since where I hunt at - the longest shot I will have will be around 35 to 40 yards due to wood lines, ditch bank, trees, etc.

    But as this will be my first year turkey hunting, I want to hear what the more experienced have to say:

    Will the turkey choke benefit me or would I be spending money on a choke for a gun that will do just fine without it?
    Turkey Loads
    This topic seems to come up each year and it's really hard to say what load any particular Gun will like the best...all gun/choke combos will prefer a certain load over another for the best results but 40 yards is the 'Ideal' range to kill a Gobbler.You mention out to 50 yards... if your patient, I'm sure you can get a closer shot. My Brother shoots those Nitro shells as well as Diane I'm thinking? I myself shoot the Winchester Supremes in 3 inch number 5s because I think 5s are a happy medium load over the 4s and 6s. I have a Mossberg X-Factor XX-Full Turkey Choke that will fit your Gun if you would like to try it, I'll make you a deal on it if your interested (Factory Mossberg xx-Full Turkey Chokes cost around $35)...It came with my Turkey Gun and I just perfer a Ported Choke myself. You can buy a HS Strut Undertaker Choke Tube for your Gun on Ebay for bout $12.99 with Free shipping and they will shoot better then your Stock Full choke I'm sure with a little less recoil from the Turkey loads. Also for $20 Primos makes a Tight Wad choke that I really like and is currently what I shoot however I recently got a $70 KICKS Gobblin Thunder .665 from fellow poster Bearice that I'm gonna tinker with. But in all honesty, you really need to purchase several brands in several Loads to get the 'MOST' from your gun...I know with the price of ammo that it's not easy and I didn't do it all at once...If you have Buddies that shoot different Loads just swap a few to see the difference...When me and fellow poster Don doubled last year...He shot first and the other Gobblers split and not wanting to shoot a Jake, The Gobbler I shot was 'out there' (Over 50) before I seen his long beard but again...I know my Gun or I probably wouldn't have took a shot that far but if was in a open area...Here's my 40 yard target with Winchester Supreme Number 5s and Regular Winchester Number 5s to give you a idea of what made me happy with this load in my Gun.
    Like the Nitros
    Local outfitter had some Winchester' exreme or something similar that were $34.00a box of 10 count.
    Too pricey for me!

    Yeah, I made a good pattern at 50 yards, but I was counting 20 pellets that hit the head or spine on the target turkey. I didn't count the ones that hit the comb or that horn thing over his beak or any within the actual circle of the target.

    Anyways, the farthest I'd be shooting a turkey where I hunt at would be 35 to 40 yards tops. I don't think there is a place with enough distance that would allow a 50 yard shot even if I was trying to.

    I did try some 3' Winchester turkey shot my friend had and some 2 3/4 Kent turkey shots too>

    My gun did not like the Kents> They didn't even want to eject that good when pumping the action.
    That little 'Horn thing' is called his snood and as he struts, it will grow and hang down in front of his face. I always aim at the base of his wattles where the feathers start but I also have a scope on my Gun and I sighted it in for the heart of the pattern to be in this area....$34 a Box sounds like Winchester Supreme Extended range shells...I pay $9.99 for 3 inch Supreme number 5s
    extended range
    If you get brave enough to try the extended range hope you have some shoulder padding.I have some long range and after 3 shots I decided I would just practice a little more on my calling and get the gobblers in a little closer.You may think its because I'm a woman,but Viper can tell you turkey loads alone pack a punch.The extended range are like punch x3 lol.I like the nitro turkey load myself,but every gun is as different as the person shooting it.You just have to find what works best for you.GT does know a lot about the subject though,he's the one who helped me out.
    Sticking with the Lady!
    I'm sticking with the Lady here... lol! I shoot the Winchester Supreme #4 in my 870 Express with a Carlson extended turkey choke. It about breaks my nose every! I'm with Diane....I'll call them in a little closer or switch to my bow for long shots!
    Yeah, thats it!
    Extended range shells. 10 count box for $34.99 > I guess the plus side is that they have a deal where you can get one of those clip on mini propane skeeter repellant deviuses for only the cost of shipping??

    But for $34.99, they ought to be able to give you that and a free flyswatter too! :)

    I'll probably try a few more different types, but I got to tell you, the Nitros really did patteren tight at 50 yards. Kick wasn't bad either, but I have the 28' ported barrel that makes a huge difference.

    The Kent shells - which my Mossberg did not like - worked really great in my friends Winchester semi.

    Looked at my target ( Quaker Boy) again and I had 20 'kill shot' pellets and 58 in the zone area of the circle. circle. I didn't bother counting those outside the circle.

    Having had time to think about it, I should have shot no farther than 35 yards since this will likely be about as far a distance as I ever shoot at a turkey from.
    Closer than that
    I know I shot at 50 yards, but you might have seen in my pics and videos that the turkey have actually walked within 9 feet of me.

    I know things will be different come season, but where I am planning on setting up should put me within 12 to 15 yards of where they walk an a daily basis. Good cover too.

    Between my slate call and tube, I ought to get a decent shot.

    STill working on getting those decoys from you too.
    Lol 'one of those clip on mini propane skeeter repellant deviuses' AKA theracell... Trust me Buddy!!! IF your going to be a Turkey Hunter, You need 1 of these if you had to pay $50 for it!!!! And I have tried the extended Range shells but for the Price difference, I didn't see it.
    shells and thermacells
    I am prolly going to go with the 3' #5 nitro turkeys out of my mossberg 500. I plan to get a undertaker choke tube and see what it will do with that combo. You can get thermacells all day long at walmart for about $20 + tax. Good luck.