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  • its gonna be a long 8 months.

    well the day of the year that i hate the MOST has unfortunately finally come. the last day of duck season. had a good season all in all i reckon. better than last year for sure. gonna take my little cousin next saturday on youth day an call it quits til it gets time to start plantin some rice an millet.

    reckon im gonna have to get into turkey huntin harder this year an show GT up since he done the same to me this duck season. haha. congrats tho man, glad to see you get out an have a AWESOME first duck season.

    hope everybody had a great season. an more to come
    LOL, Thanks Buddy, I tell ya...You bang a few of those ol Red head Turkeys...You might like it better than the Duck hunting lol....Turkey Hunting is Awesome!!! but this Duck hunting aint bad and my buddies said this season sucked? I want to get into some of the hunts they told me about lol
    Season ending
    I Don't duck Hunt so I can't say I'm sorry to see the season end,lol.It just means turkey season is a little bit closer. Your little one sure is a cutie.
    gettin steep now GT
    dont know bout all that cuz. dont think nothin can compare to a chasin a duck. i LOVE IT!

    thanks Diane. hes my world for sure. caint wait til he gets older. this pic is a few months old. he can near bout blow the call now. an hes growin FAST!!! he'll be a the Classic with me