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  • Archery shops around Raleigh, NC

    Hey Guys,

    I am trying to find out about the best archery shops within say 50 miles of Raleigh. I am planning on purchasing a new bow soon and would like to visit a place with some variety. I currently shoot a Hoyt but I have shot plenty of bows from other brands (Mathews, Bowtech, Bear, Elite, Diamond, etc) that were great so I am not very picky. I figured the best way to find out where to go or not to go is to ask the people that may go there regularly. Any info would be greatly appreciated........
    Best Store
    Buttermilk Creek Outfitters in Burlington. They carry all the brands you mentioned and then some. They are very knowledgeable and the bow-tech is great!
    3860 Fleming Graham Road
    Burlington, NC 27217
    (336) 436-0025
    Thanks Gene!!

    I was thinking about going to this one anyways. I went to their other store in Greensboro last year and they had a good selection of bows. They just didn't have the new stuff at the time. Very friendly staff there as well. I have pulled that address of and appears to be out in the country. Is that correct?
    Yes, it is kind of out in the middle of nowhere but I know all the guys that work there and their a good bunch. They'll fix you up with a bow! I haven't been to the Greensboro store yet.
    Archery Shops
    Sounds good Gene!! Thanks bud!!