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  • Swamp Squirrel hunting

    Well, Just Returned Last Night From My Coastal Trip. Had Alot Of Fun!! I Wish i would have drawn A Waterfowl Permit for the gameland I Was On, Because the Ducks Where Oplently Where I Was Smallgame hunting. Lot's of Woodies Gadwall And Mallards, Hunters Did Good Sat and Also Tuesday. I Hope to draw Next Season. But The Swamp Has Squirrels, and lot's of Squirrels lol. I Ended Up Bagging 34 In 6 Days. Not to Shabby!!
    congrats on all the squirrels.Thats a good number.They must be plentiful there.Glad you had a good hunt.Keep it up and you will break last years record :)
    @Dianne, Thanks Yep There Are Alot of Squirrels At The Coastal Gamelands, But the Way The Forest Have been Timberd And Having alot of young Pines They Are And Where Very Hard To Find. There Where some Other Hunters Hunting With Dogs For squirrel but i never did See Them, Just Heard Them. I Hope To Break Last Year Record, but not sure if I Can Or Not, lol But im sure going to Try.
    You the man Chad!!! I need to get me a mess!!! I love Squirrel Brains and Squirrel Dumplings!!! man, I aint had any in a year or so!!!
    Hey ChadB, I bet a Gammo air gun would be nice! Silent but deadly. I bet the harvest numbers would go up. I saw one at Gander Mountain in Fayetteville. It was around $350.00 I think. Way better than the Old Daisy I started with and better than the Power Line Daisey I ended with.

    I have a whisper and let me tell you what brother I can shoot everything from squirrels to coons with that bad boy, scope, light and laser, got them all dialed in and 50 yards no problem. With the pba ammo it shoots so fast it cracks the sound barrier I stick with regular hunting pellets lil slower, but quieter. Very well worth the investment.
    Air Guns
    My friend said he seen a show where they were killing Wild Hogs with a Pellet Gun...I did see 1 advertised at 3500 FPS but can't remember the name.
    Have seen some videos with guys shooting hogs in head with pellet guns, mostly the ones I have seen used are something like this,
    Lewis and Clark
    Airguns have been around for a long time. Check out this video. I thought it was a pretty cool piece of history.
    That's a SUPER COOL Video Justin!!!! Thanks for 1790? That's amazing!!!!
    Air Rifle
    @ Viper, Yes Sir Thanks For the Info on The High Power AIR Rifle. Ive Got one. A Gammo, And That is one awsome Air Gun!! With PBA Gold .177 pelets It Shoots 1,200 FPS AND Does a Great Job On Squirrels. I Got 4 Sqirrels With It Friday on Jordan Gameland!! Thanks for Posting the Videos! There Good.
    Tried to respond to your posts about the license and hunting with your Dad but the link is messed up.
    Did not get a deer this year either, but hunted with our younger son the first of Oct. and was blessed with four hogs. He got a nice buck on our next hunt.
    Hunted with our eldest son several times, and still no deer, but most were still a success by spending meaningful time with our sons. They have families and jobs and all, but they still honor me by hunting and fishing togther.
    I know that hunt with your Dad meant as much or more to him than you.
    Thanks for all your encouragement to fellow sportsmen and women.
    Thanks Brother bill
    Thanks for your kind comments. I will never forget hunting with my Dad and as I look back I Know that great memories shared with ones you love are worth more than any possession you can own.Its the same hunting and fishing with my Grandaughter Gracie. Those are some special times.
    I have never hog hunted,but my grandaughter Gracie told me one day when we were taking a walk that she would like to go hog hunting,she said 'I heard those hogs are some good eating',lol.Hope I am able to do this with her some day.But then again she said she would like to kill a fox because she heard they are good eating too,lol. She has the right idea of only killing what you plan to eat,but I don't know what menu she's been looking at or what hunting show shes been watching,but think I will pass on eating fox,lol.I'm just happy she has the same love of the outdoors that I do.